RV Camping - Living In and Working From Our Motorhome

Oh, hi there. We’re Laura and Kevin. We have been living full-time in our 34’ Winnebago Adventurer motorhome since September of 2016.

Are you considering RV travel, full or part-time? You might benefit from some of our experiences!

Below we’ve grouped together some topics that might help answer some of your questions.

RVing Info, How To & DIY

Do you have a friend or loved one that lives in an RV? Are you stumped for gift ideas? Or, maybe you know someone that just bought an RV, and you’d like to get them something practical for it. This post is the RV gift guide for you. We Own Most of These Things and Want

We’ve been unsuccessful at logging into Pokemon Go today, so I decided to post about our internet setup and how we get internet access in the RV. Internet Access – Not Optional Well, seeing that both of us depend on our computers for income, we have a DIRE need for good cellular signal and speeds.

You might have noticed that RV kitchens are not known for having tons of storage. Even a large Class A motorhome is limited compared to a sticks and bricks kitchen. So what do we consider our RV pantry staples given the limited space? I’m going to go through our must-haves here, but as with anything

Are you curious about RV boondocking but don’t know where to start? In this post, we go over the basics. Consider it a kind of “boondocking for beginners.”

When we started out in the RV, we knew that in our tiny space that we would have to keep things in their respective place and make sure we kept things clean, otherwise, we would end up in a constant state of disarray. Enter Todoist and our RV todo list. Why we chose Todoist for

RV ResourcesIt’s no secret that we rely on tons of RV resources to help us out while living on the road full-time. Some are apps, some are services, some are certain stores, and some are vegan specific.We mention these tools regularly on our YouTube channel and in blog posts but thought it was high time

Tour Our Solar Install On YouTube

Free Power from the Sun!

We get the most questions about our solar components. If you're curious about how much solar we have, what kind of system, what kind of batteries, etc. we have a few videos where Kevin will show you what we've got!

For Adventurous RVers

RVing to AlaskaAre you curious about RVing to Alaska? We did it the summer of 2018 and it was the trip of a lifetime!If you’re planning an RV trip to Alaska, we have a great resource for you right here. We documented our whole trip from crossing an international border into Canada, managing long stretches


For the winter of 2019, we spent a good chunk of it RV camping in Baja, Mexico. While there are fewer options than there used to be, we still found plenty of places to drop the jacks on the Baja Peninsula. If you are smaller and more nimble than our 34 ft. class A motorhome,


RV Camping: Campgrounds in the U.S.

We've been RV camping in many, many different campgrounds in and out of the continental United States. These are collections of posts about camping in certain areas.