RVing to Alaska

Are you curious about RVing to Alaska? We did it the summer of 2018 in our motorhome and it was the trip of a lifetime!

If you’re planning an RV trip to Alaska, we have a great resource for you right here. We documented our whole trip from crossing an international border into Canada, managing long stretches of highway without cell phone service, and into and around Alaska from Fairbanks to Denali to McCarthy to Seward to Anchorage and all the way back down again.

Continue on if you want to see:


Find out the steps we took to prepare for our journey


Towns and parks we visited in Canada & Alaska


What cool things are there to do along the way


By the way, your most important resource for planning and while on your RV trip to Alaska is The Mile Post. They put out a new one each year and it's invaluable. (The new ones come out in March.)

The Mile Post documents where you will find fuel, camping, interesting sights, animal herds and more. It is essential when you don't have cell phone signal!

This is an Amazon affiliate link and we do get a few coins if you buy through it. But we wouldn't go to Alaska without it and would 100% buy an updated version if we were to make the journey again.

Our RV Trip to Alaska

Begin following our journey to Alaska in our Class A motorhome below. You'll start with our post about planning and follow in chronological order. 

Hey, we’re taking the RV to Alaska! And we’re bringing you along for the ride! We’re vlogging our way to and around Alaska and back. We’ve gotta start somewhere, so the first video is our last morning in the U.S. before we cross over into Canada. What food did we stock up on?How did we

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For this leg of our Alaska 2018 trip, we traveled from Tulalip Casino in Marysville, WA to Prince George, BC. Yes, that includes an international border crossing! Watch the video here or scroll down for more information. Sumas Huntington Border Crossing Taking the RV across the border into Canada at Sumas was no problem. All

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In this video, we leave the Walmart in Prince George, pick up the Alaska Highway, and continue to just past Fort Nelson. More beautiful British Columbia scenery The drive from Prince George to Dawson Creek was beautiful! The beginning of the Alaska Highway We stopped by the Alaska Highway monument and sign and had lunch. Then

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On the Alaska Highway from Beaver Lake Recreation Site just beyond Fort Nelson to Liard River Hot Springs, we saw so much beautiful scenery and more wild animals than we ever have! It’s been one of our most beautiful drives yet. And we caught some of the animals and views on video. We keep the

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We stayed two nights at Liard River Hot Spring Provincial Park to soak in the springs and recover from two hard days of driving. You can soak 24 hours a day if you stay in the campground. You’ll find more about Liard River Hot Springs in our last post. In search of wildlife Since we

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Time to leave Liard River Hot Springs behind and get on down the road. In this video, we travel from Liard to Watson Lake and visit the Sign Post Forest. Wild animal tally It wasn’t a big animal day on the way to Watson Lake. Compared to some days we saw quite a few! Any

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Why should you RV to Alaska?

We know RVing to Alaska can feel like an overwhelming trip to plan. But it’s such an amazing experience that you won’t regret it!

We can’t even begin to describe all the natural beauty you will experience. The snow-capped mountains, glacial rivers, moose, and more!

RVing to Alaska is on almost every RVers bucket list. For good reason, too.

Some of the highlights from our trip were:

I could go on and on but you get the idea.

Watch the whole journey to Alaska on YouTube

If you’d rather watch the videos, we have a YouTube playlist dedicated to this trip. It’s perfect for getting ideas for planning your RV trip to Alaska or if you’re an armchair traveler.

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