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Hi! We are Laura and Kevin, two vegans that have been living and working full-time in an RV since September 2016. Follow our journey as we travel around North America in our RV - and beyond! Oh, and vegan food. There will be lots of tips on being vegan from anywhere!

laura and kevin on the mccarthy footbridge.

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What does vegan Flagstaff have to offer? Lots!

Do you like Thai fusion, sushi, pizza, and Cornish pasties? Then vegan Flagstaff has you covered!

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RV Camping in Baja, Mexico

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Our Latest Recipes

Mango Jicama Salad

This mango jicama salad has become one of our go-to warm-weather potluck recipes. In Mexico, it’s common to serve cut fruit like mango, melon, and papaya with mild ground chilis for dipping. They’re definitely on to something! Everyone loves this recipe and it’s so refreshing! You can’t beat the satisfying crunch of jicama. The other reason it

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Nut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Pumpkin Sage Pasta

Vegan Pumpkin Pie

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