Cool Gadgets To Help You Cook On The Road

Anyone with a modest RV will know that space is an issue in your kitchen. But when you’re a vegan and wanting to eat healthy on the road, you’re going to want to make the most of some home cooking. It’s better for you, it’s cheaper and more convenient too!

Having some kitchen gadgets on board will help save you time and effort while traveling, helping you whip up plenty of tasty meals in your RV. 

Take a look at some cool gadgets that will help you cook on the road.

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When you’re touring in your RV, it can be easy to neglect healthy eating. It’s easy to eat quick and convenient food, as well as eat out a lot, but this won’t help your travel budget nor your waistline!

To help you stay healthy on the move, you could invest in a juicer. You can easily find the best juicer under $100 to fit in your RV and take advantage of nutritious, healthy juices. Not only will your juicer make great juices, but you can make all kinds of things with it including dips, salsa, stocks, nut butters and more.

If you’re a vegan, or prefer your non-dairy milk, you can even make almond, hazelnut milk, and more with the help of your on-board juicer.

Food processor

Food processors are a fantastic item to have in your kitchen, so why not take one on the road with you as well? They can help keep your meal prep neat by chopping up your vegetables and other ingredients, while also making it easy to make sauces and more.

Food processors come in all kinds of sizes, and you can even get cool handheld manual food processors that are perfect for chopping onions, herbs and anything else you want to chop into smaller pieces!

Pressure cooker

RV kitchens aren’t always known for being as state of the art as the kitchen you have at home - things can take a bit longer to heat up and get going, and you might not have the space you’re used to either! 

A pressure cooker is a versatile piece of kitchen equipment that won’t take up much space, helping you make some great meals quickly and easily. Did you know you can also turn your pressure cooker into an air fryer? You could soon be making crispy French fries and your other favorites from the comfort of your home from home.

With so many amazing recipes to make with your pressure cooker, you’ll never get bored.

Slow cooker

A slow cooker or a crockpot is another nifty gadget that is useful for cooking on the road. A slow cooker will help you make soup, stews, curries and so much more, helping you make the most of flavors without having to put the effort in. 

Take a look at some great slow cooker recipes that will make cooking tasty and easy when you’re on the road. (For vegan or easily veganized recipes, look at the Blueberry Oatmeal, Boiled Peanuts, Pumpkin Butter, and Sweet Potato Casserole.)

Did you know you can also use your slow cooker for making some tasty hot drinks too? Perfect for warming up on those chilly evenings. Kathy Hester has some amazing drink recipes and many more at her 100% vegan site. 

Mini waffle iron

While it’s a bit of a cliche to stop at various IHOPs during your trip, if you're vegan these places probably won't have options for you. But finding the perfect vegan waffle recipe can help you enjoy tasty waffles on the road whenever you want! By investing in a mini waffle iron for your RV, you can make waffles easily, without worrying about where you’re going to store it! 

Why stop with the mini waffle iron? You could get a mini pancake pan, donut maker and more to enjoy some of your favorite desserts wherever you are! But you'd better have a big RV if you plan to get all of those.


A blender is another versatile item that is helpful to have on the move with you. They can help you make all kinds of foods and best of all, some great cocktails too! There are different types of blender on the market, but if you want to save some space, you might want to try a stick blender. 

Before you rush out to buy a new blender, check out some common blender mistakes that you can avoid to make sure you get the most out of your blender.


Steamers come in different forms, including electrical and as a stackable pan, which can allow you to cook multiple types of foods at once and enjoy the best from your vegetables.

Steamers are great for cooking rice, potatoes, pasta and other foods while steaming all kinds of vegetables above. It will save you space on the stove, making it easier to enjoy some of your favorites without compromising kitchen space. Some steamers even fit in your electric pressure cooker.

Check out some great steamer recipes that will give you some much-needed inspiration. 

Appliances with multiple jobs

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These days, you can get kitchen appliances that handle multiple jobs for you. For instance, we started off on the road with a Nutribullet blender. It worked pretty well for us but was frustrating when making anything larger than a smoothie or a dressing. We ended up replacing it with a Ninja Mega Kitchen System appliance that is a blender, food processor, and has smoothie cups.

Similarly, while I love my Instant Pot, now you can get appliances that are electric pressure cookers, slow cookers, yogurt makers, and air fryers all in one.

Another appliance you might want to consider is one of the toaster ovens that doubles as an air fryer. Many people prefer to use a toaster oven to using the built in propane oven in their RV. And if it's an air fryer too, bonus!

Some tips for cooking on the road

Taking some handy kitchen gadgets with you on the road is a good way to make cooking simpler while you’re traveling, while also giving you the freedom to cook some healthy meals as you please. While you can find great vegan food on your travels, it’s not always something you can rely on, making it handy to be able to easily make your own. 

As well as equipping your RV with different gadgets, consider the following cooking tips too:

  • Plan your meals ahead as much as you can - it will help you work out what to buy and stop you from wasting food.
  • Non-stick pans and utensils will make it easier to avoid burning incidents! 
  • One-pot meals can be particularly useful if you’re short on space and prep time.
  • Keep some stores of dry food like pasta, rice and canned foods - they’re easy to make in a pinch!
  • Shop at farmer’s markets and smaller stores while you’re traveling - it’s great to support local businesses!

Instead of seeing the challenges of cooking in an RV, think of the opportunities. With a bit of creativity and the right tools and recipes, you can eat well on the move and make the most of what your RV has to offer. What will you make first?


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