Essential Advice For First-Time Road Trippers

Life on the road can be exhilarating but it’s not always an easy, smooth transition for those used to their home comforts. If you’re planning your first road trip or RV experience, this guide is packed with essential advice to make your break memorable for all the right reasons.

a vehicle with a rooftop tent camping on a beautiful green hill wit a curvy road shown from above.

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Planning a route

Even the most spontaneous souls can benefit from having a rough plan in place when it comes to choosing a destination and figuring out how to get there. Once you’ve decided on the locations you want to visit, you can set about looking at maps and researching online to work out your route. One of the best things about going on a road trip is being able to travel at your own pace. You can decide when you want to stop, what you want to see en route, how far you want to go, how long you want to travel for and what you want to do on your vacation. Making plans in advance can help to reduce the risk of practical issues, such as running low on fuel, and it’s also a great idea for getting inspiration for your itinerary. 

Marking stop-off points

Driving on the open roads surrounded by fields, lakes, rivers, mountains or cliffs can be fun, but at some point, everyone needs a break. Make use of technology and check reviews and blogs to get tips to mark stop-off points. It’s essential to make sure that you’re fed and watered on your travels and to enjoy some fresh air and stretch your legs. Whether you’ve got a craving and you want to use a search engine to find smoothies near me, you need to replenish supplies of water or snacks, or you’re keen to include activities or attractions in your itinerary to break up the journey, it’s wise to look into the best places to stop before you set off and check out recommendations for locations you plan to visit. 

Leaving time for spontaneous activities

When planning a road trip for the first time, it may be tempting to fill every day and try to do as much as possible. While having a rough outline is a great idea, it’s also advantageous to leave a bit of time for spontaneous activities and adventures. The beauty of roaming free is that you can decide how to spend your time. You might stumble across a hidden beauty spot or a secluded beach you’re desperate to explore, for example. 

Making the journey fun

Road trips can be great fun but many people have a slightly rose-tinted vision due to watching too many Hollywood movies. To make your journey fun, create playlists, ensure you’re comfortable, stock up on drinks and snacks and break up your journey.
landscape photography showing red rocks near a highway.

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Road trips offer a brilliant opportunity to explore at your own pace, spend quality time with a partner, friends or family, and see more of the world. If you’re planning your first adventure, take a little time to establish your route, think about what you want to do on your break, create a rough itinerary that allows time for spontaneous activities and research stopping points. Create some playlists for the journey, get comfortable and enjoy the ride!


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