This Tiny House Made Me Appreciate Our RV

Recently we had the opportunity to check out a tiny house that was on display locally here in Atlanta. When I heard we could tour it, I wanted to check it out and compare it to the RV. I also thought that maybe it would give us some ideas for the Winnebago.

This tiny house was one of the higher end models. The woman told us it ran about $70,000. And you can’t even drive it! But it was beautiful.

The wood siding would blend into a mountain lot nicely. I’ve lived in a house with wooden siding like that,  and it’s a favorite of woodpeckers and carpenter bees. This one is also permanently mounted on a trailer. So it’s kind of mobile but not practical to haul it around very much.

First, let’s look at the most exciting thing about this tiny house – the composting toilet! I mean, who wouldn’t get excited about a composting toilet? Okay, I know if you’re reading this you’ll understand. You’re our people.

tiny house tour - composting toilet

It was pretty much a full sized bathroom. You can see the cabinets in the photo. And the shower was standard house size.

At both ends, there are loft beds. In an RV, your guest bed often serves another purpose as a sofa or your dinette seating. There isn’t much else you could do with the extra loft bed space except use it as storage.


And everything inside has a modern feel to it. The interior was tasteful as is. Unlike practically any RV ever. But you can get an older RV and fix that for much less than $70k…

So this next picture made me fully laugh out loud in the middle of this coffee shop. I totally captured this guy picking his ass. Unfortunately for him, it’s the only photo I got that shows the kitchen. Hopefully, five years from now he doesn’t lose out on a job because a background check turns up that he is an ass picker.

tiny house tour kitchen

As you stand to face the kitchen, there’s a sofa to the left. I didn’t take a picture because there was always someone sitting on it and I was trying to avoid people’s faces, but not their ass picking activities, apparently.

What you don’t see is anywhere to work. There is a nice big picture window just opposite the kitchen next to the ladder. You could probably move the ladder during the day and set up a folding table and chairs there.

The last couple of photos is on the outside. Here’s the inverter on the back.

tiny house inverter

And here are the hook-ups for fresh water and gray water.

tiny house water hookups

All in all, this tiny house was lovely, but I like our RV better. While this is mobile in that it’s on a trailer, it’s meant to be in one place long term, unlike a motorhome or trailer. And if I was going to go the tiny house route, I like these shipping container conversions better. They’re way cheaper, and you’re recycling.

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