Protecting Yourself From The Sun

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Getting the chance to visit a place with hotter weather than where you live is such a fun and exciting experience, as the glorious summer sun can make for the perfect vacation backdrop. Sunshine brings with it a whole host of benefits and unique advantages, most of which you’ll be able to recognize as differences compared to cooler or even cold weather where you live! 

Exotic fruits and white sand beaches may be everything you’re searching for, but these aren’t the only side effects of a hot sunny day. There are many risks and dangers associated with overexposure to the sun which can be very damaging for your health, and it’s important that you can implement some preventive measures to ensure you can stay safe no matter what the temperature.

So, if you want to find out more about how you can protect yourself against the hot summer sun, then read on to uncover some of the best tips and tricks that you can make the most of your visit!

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Stay Hydrated

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One of the most important steps that you must follow in order to stay safe and healthy under the sun is to stay hydrated. You must consume a minimum of 2 liters or a bit over 2 quarts (around 8 glasses) of water every single day, and this is the base level of liquid that your mind and body needs to thrive.

Water is always the most ideal natural drink as it contains no other artificial ingredients or calories, so try to avoid drinking too much of other things like fruit juice and coffee that can have dehydration effects. It’s a good idea to carry around a refillable water bottle, perhaps with an internal filtration unit, that you can regularly fill up whenever you find a source of fresh drinking water. Set a reminder on your phone to drink water every 20-30 minutes if you’re not able to keep up. 

Skin & Eyes

Two of the biggest risk factors that the sun can damage particularly badly is your skin and eyes. Your skin is very sensitive to the strong UV rays that the sun emits, and this can easily cause redness, burning, peeling and even worse. You must invest in a quality sun lotion that maintains a high factor of at least 30+ which can be applied every 2-3 hours for best results. Sun lotion will dramatically reduce your chances of developing harmful conditions such as melanoma, so it’s definitely worth the effort.

Your eyes are also particularly sensitive to the sun's UV rays, and that’s where a good pair of sunglasses comes into play. A provider such as can offer a wide range of high protection sunglasses that block out the harsh summer sun from damaging your delicate eyes, so don’t forget to pack a pair in your suitcase. 

kevin on the beach with clouds in the sky.

Protecting yourself from the sun whenever you visit a luxurious exotic location has never been so simple when you are able to utilise the amazing tips and tricks that have been detailed above. Get out there and get some vitamin D!


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