The Best Vegan Fast Food Options

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It's not like it once was, being a vegan. In the past you had to make do with a hard-to-find vegan sandwich or a basic unfulfilling salad at a restaurant. While you gnawed away at your healthy greens, your friends were tucking into tasty burgers and fries. Times change. Now you can keep the ethical high ground and also enjoy your meal. 

Dunkin Donuts Breakfast 

If you've just woken up in your camper van and don't have anything in your cupboards to eat, you'll probably want to pick up a tasty vegan breakfast on the go. Luckily, Dunkin Donuts are easy to find and offer just the thing. 

The Dunkin Donuts' breakfast includes an English muffin with a Beyond Sausage pate. The entire meal is not vegan, however, a vegan option is available if you hold the egg and cheese on the sandwich. It also comes with hash browns and coffee.  

Sarpino's Vegan Pizza 

There aren't many downsides to being a vegan. You stay healthier, you protect the animals, you protect the environment, and there are loads of delicious vegan meals to choose from. However, if there was one downside it would be the lack of quality vegan pizza. There are so many pizza places but so few have appealing vegan options.

But now we've got an option to add to add to the list! The Sarpino's range of vegan pizza is second to none. It gives you a quality vegan base, vegan cheese, and a range of toppings that will whet any appetite. Whether you're looking for lunch or dinner on the road, check out Sarpino's vegan pizza

TGI Friday's Burger 

Being vegan doesn't have to mean being healthy. You don't have to sacrifice your favorite delicacies to protect the animals and save the planet. You can still get big, fat burgers and greasy fries. If that's what you have a craving for check out the TGI Friday's Burger.

The TGI Friday's Beyond Burger is a vegan burger in a vegan bun. Enjoy a delicious burger bar lunch with this TGI favorite. Be careful, however, although the bun and burger are technically vegan you will need to ask them to hold the non-vegan cheese and use a dairy-free sauce. 

Del Taco's Avocado Taco 

vegan beyond meat taco at Del Taco.

If you want to change gears and get something Mexican-style, why not go for the Del Taco Avocado Taco. Taco's are a cheap, easy, and tasty meal to grab when on the road. And now mainstream fast food taco spots are starting to hop on the vegan trend.

The Del Taco Avocado Taco uses a vegan taco with beyond meat crumbles to create the perfect taste substitute for minced meat. The taco contains cool avocado and crispy lettuce to offset the hotness of this Mexican favorite. 

Starbucks Protein Bowl 

Starbucks might not seem like the most socially responsible brand. The fact is they're not. Starbucks are well-known for their tax avoidance schemes in the UK. But when it comes to marketing and popularizing vegan products it's all to the good. They're even testing a fully plant-based store in Seattle.

The Starbucks Vegan Protein Bowl is a bowl containing lentils, butternut squash, roasted tomatoes, brown rice, a lemon-tahini dressing, and sunflower seeds. This protein bowl has everything you need to keep your vegan body healthy and active all afternoon. 


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