Top 5 Tips for an Organized RV Pantry

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Getting out on the open road in an RV is one of the best ways to explore. You can enjoy the scenic route completely self-sustained and go where the road takes you. The main downside is, however, the lack of space. You’ll have to be particularly careful when stocking and organizing the pantry as there’s no room for useless items. With a few tips and tricks you can make the most of a small pantry. You’ll even wonder why you ever needed a bigger kitchen in the first place. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Use the vertical space

One of the best RV space saving ideas is to look up and go high with storage. Make the most of the vertical space by adding extra shelves or hanging items on the walls. This will give you more floor area to work with and kitchen surfaces. You could DIY your own shelves and label everything so you can find it even up high.

Stock up on the essentials

While you’re on your travels you might not always be able to get the essential items you can at home. Stock up on the odd things you know you’ll miss. If you’re vegan and used to dairy alternatives grab a carton or two of plant-based milk such as pea milk to keep you going. Don’t overdo it, and only choose items you know you’ll use.

Bring your favorite recipes

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If you really want to make your RV feel like home, why not cook your favorite homemade recipes while you’re on the go? You could label jars of the main staple ingredient with recipes so you won’t need to look them up and you’ll always remember what goes in them. After a while in the RV, you’ll find there’s more you can cook than you realize if you’re creative enough, so note down your best recipes.

Purge as often as possible

When you’ve got limited space, you need to be cut-throat. Be mindful about what you buy for your pantry and avoid unnecessary items. Purge as often as possible as well, and try to finish your food and drinks before buying more. The more you throw out the more you’ll see how much you’re wasting and hopefully this will teach you to be a little more minimalistic while on the road.

Organize items together in pull out containers

Group together items in a logical way, for instance, store coffee, teas, and breakfast items together. Keep these in pull out containers for easy access. Tupperware boxes are great for safe storage but if they’re stacked on top of each other this could get messy. You could even DIY a pull out pantry. Check out these genius ideas. If you’re organized you can get the maximum use out of your pantry. You’ll pick up ideas as you go along and you can even share tips and techniques with other campers you meet on your trips. They might have some great insights.


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