Top Tips For Your First Time Taking Your RV Abroad

One of the bonuses of owning an RV is the ability the explore. Many people think about their RV as a tool for exploring their own country, but there’s no reason you can’t take a motorhome abroad and explore somewhere completely new.

Many people find their first trip abroad with a motorhome or towable a bit daunting, which is understandable. There’s a lot to plan, but with these tips you’ll be prepared. 

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Planning The Trip

Just like travelling at home, a rough itinerary can help. While there’s always room for flexibility, it’s a good idea to know where the RV sites are, so you know where you can safely park up for the night.

You also need to plan how to get yourself and your RV abroad in the first place. You can take RVs on ferries if you're traveling over a body of water that has them, or you can fly and arrange to have your RV sent over separately through RV transport. Always get proper travel insurance to cover you and the RV, just in case. 

Check the local driving regulations and make sure you have everything with you that the law requires, like the right paperwork for the RV. 

An RV can be a ticket to anywhere in the world, with some people even taking RVs on , or driving all over Europe. Plan ahead, and go out and explore the world.

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While we've never taken our motorhome overseas, we have traveled internationally. 

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Get Advice

If you’re already a member of an RV club, then ask around to see if anyone has already travelled to the country you’re thinking of. They might have some helpful suggestions for the best campsites, roads to avoid, or other tips and tricks to help you have the best trip you can. 

Many RV clubs have worldwide chapters or may have links with clubs in other countries. Find out if this is the case for yours, or consider joining one that does have this. This means that you can find locals to give you all the hidden secrets, like the best places to eat that the tourists don’t know about or any hints about driving locally.

Remember that’s also wise to look into the country’s local customs and etiquette. Even countries that seem similar to home might have very different ideas about what is considered polite, especially around things like tipping, so always check. 

Prioritize Safety

It can be overwhelming to drive in an unfamiliar country, especially if you find yourself driving a heavy vehicle on the other side of the road than you are used to. Make sure you have all your RV resources lined up and ready to go before you set off. Don’t rely on always having signal or data to check maps, so download some maps of the local area or pack some physical maps, just in case. 

Make sure you have an RV with functioning GPS so you can find your way around. Check the local driving laws so you don’t accidentally break any. Take your driving as seriously as you would at home.

An RV can be a ticket to anywhere in the world, with some people even taking RVs on safari, or driving all over Europe. Plan ahead, and go out and explore the world.

If you could take your RV anywhere, where would you go?

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