Vegan Durango: where to eat and shop

We've visited Durango, Colorado a number of times before finally setting up a home base here. Thankfully vegan Durango keeps getting more and more interesting. For a small city, you'll find vegan options from a variety of cuisines here.

Whether you want healthy or decadent food, want to eat in or out, Durango has vegan options that will meet your needs.

If you're planning a trip to Durango, Colorado and you're curious about the vegan options available, keep reading to see what we found so far.

Lots of the food mentioned below is in this video!

Vegan Durango Restaurant Options

Switchback Taco

Tacos are life! And Switchback Taco doesn't leave vegans behind. You can get tofu or mushroom tacos, a vegan version of their loaded Switch Fries, vegan elote, and their black bean dip is vegan.

Mushrooms aren't my favorite and I still think their mushroom taco is delicious but the smoked tofu is fantastic!

smoked tofu taco and mushroom taco on a metal sheet pan at switchback taco in durango.

The tacos are street taco size which leaves you room to order fries or elote if you like. Both are delicious. Plus, when do you ever see vegan elote? Not often, that's for sure.

vegan elote in a metal cup at switchback taco in durango.


Famburger is a burger joint opened by the same owners as Switchback.

The have a house made vegan patty is that made of falafel and is delicious or you can get an Impossible patty substituted into any of their burgers.

famburger vegan greek burger.

Oh, I forgot to mention, they have vegan Dole Whip. And you can get it boozy, but I'm not sure about the vegan status of the rum they use. This is a wonderful place to stop by while out for a bike ride on a warm summer's day.


Are you looking for a plant-based support group here in Durango? Come join us at Plant Based Durango!


If you're looking for a burger, Grassburger is your spot. I highly recommend it for mixed company. We went with a group of omnivores, vegans, gluten-free, and vegetarian people and everyone was happy.

I got the Southwest Vegan Bowl: vegan black bean patty, pico de gallo & spicy serrano sauce served on a quinoa and rice base. Beware that green sauce - it's no joke!

Their black bean patty is both vegan and gluten-free. The potato buns are vegan but the gluten-free bun is not vegan.

vegan southwest bowl at grassburger in durango, colorado.

Kevin got a double black bean burger and fries with a vegan shake. Oh, did I forget to mention they have vegan shakes?

double vegan burger at grassburger in durango, colorado.

The vegan burgers were great! The shake was okay but a little bit icy and very sweet.

Grassburger also has two locations in Albuquerque if you happen to find yourself out that way.

East by Southwest

We've been to East by Southwest a few times now. It's an Asian fusion spot with many vegan options on the menu.

They had some inventive vegan sushi on the menu, so Kevin got some rolls. They also made him inari nigiri off menu.

crunchy asparagus roll at east by southwest in durango, colorado.
vegan sushi at east by southwest in durango, colorado.

We've also tried the beet fries but recommend skipping them. They weren't as amazing as they sounded.

Unfortunately, I do not see the next two dishes on their online menu. If they've removed these then the vegan options are reduced to sushi and appetizers.

On one visit I had the Chiang Mai Noodles. If you've ever had Khao Soi, it's kind of like that. They come in a thick coconut curry with a touch of cardamom and include pickled cabbage, fried shallot, scallion and cilantro. This was a flavorful dish and very filling. I took half of it home.

chiang mai noodles at east by southwest in durango, colorado.

Another time I tried their vegan pho. You don't see vegan pho everywhere so you've got to try it when you find it. This one was a touch salty but still tasty.

vegan pho at east by southwest in durango, colorado.

Turtle Lake Cafe & Refuge

Turtle Lake Cafe & Refuge serves a lunch on Tuesdays & Fridays made of local, wild, and living foods. Everything is vegan except honey in some items.

turtle lake cafe in durango, colorado.

Inside there’s a little store where they sell goodies made using their solar dehydrators. The full lunch meal is $15 suggested donation and includes soup, salad, a main, dessert, and beverage.

During our visit, the menu was wheatgrass lemon balm refresher, tomato coconut curry soup, local salad with cucumber dill vinaigrette, avocado poblano green enchiladas, and local cherry parfait.

wheatgrass lemonbalm refresher at turtle lake cafe in durango, colorado.
avocado poblano enchiladas at turtle lake cafe in durango, colorado.
local cherry parfait at turtle lake cafe in durango, colorado.

We enjoyed it all, especially the enchiladas, and took home some raw ginger snaps, too.

Himalayan Kitchen

Himalayan Kitchen specializes in Nepalese, Tibetan, & Indian Cuisine. While the menu focuses heavily on meat dishes, they do have a vegan section on the menu now.

Our first visit, I got the Aloo Govi Tarkaari: cauliflower and potato cooked Nepalese style with tomato, onion, dry chili, turmeric and twelve different seeds (Bara Masala). It was a light veggie curry.

aloo govi tarkaari at himalayan kitchen in durango, colorado.

Kevin got the Annapurna Tofu: pan fried tofu with a variety of bell peppers, zucchini, jalapeño chili, tomato, spring onion, cilantro, ginger, and garlic. Of the two, the Annapurna Tofu was our favorite, so we both ordered it next visit.

annapurna tofu at himalayan kitchen in durango, colorado.

If you would like a bread, the Chyamtange Dhopzi is vegan and made of whole grains. It's similar to a thicker, fluffier whole wheat tortilla. Make sure to order it without butter.

vegan flat bread at himalayan kitchen in durango, colorado.

Cream Bean Berry

While vegan ice cream has become pretty common in the grocery store freezer case, it's not that easy to find at gourmet ice cream shops. Sorry, sorbet, you don't count.

But Cream Bean Berry has a couple of creamy vegan ice creams at all times! We put it 2nd to Frankie & Jo's in Seattle if that gives you an idea how good it is. Oh, they've got some sorbet too if that's your jam. So we go there frequently.

My favorite of their vegan flavors is the pistachio rose ice cream. It's SO GOOD but unfortunately they don't have it all the time. Kevin's not a fan of floral flavors in his food, so that was all me.

vegan pistachio ice cream at cream bean berry in durango, colorado.

Kevin's go to order was a scoop of coconut milk chocolate, a scoop of cookies and cream, on top of a vegan and gluten free snickerdoodle in a cup with a sugar cone on top. 

vegan ice cream at cream bean berry in durango, colorado

The cookies and cream was a little bit sweet for me so I usually stuck with the coconut milk chocolate. The chocolate flavor is strong with this one! 

display of cone options at cream bean berry ice cream shop in durango. colorado.

By the way, ALL of their baked goods and cones are now vegan. We love to see it!

vegan ice cream at cream bean berry in durango, colorado
cream bean berry chocolate tart.

Cream Bean Berry can also make vegan shakes, affogato and more! If you're looking for a vegan dessert option in Durango, this is our #1 pick!

Check out more of vegan Durango in this video!

Ska Brewing

Craft beer and vegan options? Okay! So far Ska Brewing is the only place in town we've found that has vegan cheese for their pizzas.

And, look at these pizzas.

vegan pizza at ska brewing.
another vegan pizza at ska brewing.

Seriously, these are some nice pizzas. The personal size is pretty generous. Some people might be able to get away with splitting one. 

If you're not feeling a pizza, try their vegan sandwich, The Dave. It's jerk marinated tempeh, avocado spread, sautéed mushrooms, pickled vegetables, and shredded romaine on house made focaccia. 

the dave vegan tempeh sandwich at ska brewing.

They also have tempeh tacos you can get but they were a little bland.

ska brewing tempeh tacos.

Durango Natural Foods Co-op

What's the best vegan meal bargain in Durango? This rice bowl at Durango Natural Foods Co-op

vegan rice bowl at durango natural food co-op, colorado.

It's filled with rice, steamed veggies, your choice of protein and dressing. It's also really good! The rice bowls are seasonal and usually available in the summer. In the colder months, they switch to soup and there's usually a vegan option.

We also highly recommend their Cali Luv sandwich. The vegan version is tempeh, lettuce, tomato,  avocado, and Vegenaise. Now they're using local Luv Tempeh on their sandwiches.

cali luv tempeh sandwich from durango natural foods co-op with the animus river in the background.

Don't miss their vegan chocolate chip cookies, either. We recommend that you take your meal over to the river, Santa Rita Park is close by, and enjoy watching the rafters go by.

Oh, and bring a grocery list - it's also a well-stocked co-op. They even have some bulk bins and bulk spices.

The Yellow Carrot

One spot you might miss as a vegan option in Durango is The Yellow Carrot. It’s not listed on Happy Cow but does have some delicious options!

We were lucky enough to be served by the owner Sari. She knew exactly what was in everything and was able to guide us and make changes where needed. That was also helpful for our gluten-free friend.

Let’s start with dessert first. We ate that later, at home. There were a couple of vegan options in the case but this Almond Coconut "Twix" Pie was the jam! Oh, it was also gluten-free and sugar free.

vegan twix pie from the yellow carrot in durango, colorado.

I had The Green Thumb sandwich - avocado, cucumber, spinach, romaine, asparagus & walnut pesto. Her bun tops have egg wash so it was served open-face. And I think they had to leave off the pesto for some reason so she brought a side of a creamy potato salad that was vegan instead.

open face green thumb sandwich at the yellow carrot in durango, colorado.
vegan creamy potato salad at the yellow carrot in durango, colorado.

Kevin had The Scrambled Vegan burrito - rosemary beets, scrambled avocado, agave sriracha & crunchy carrot hair. He loved it! He also got a side of the rosemary brown butter fries that she altered to make vegan. The seasoning on them was amazing!

vegan burrito at the yellow carrot in durango, colorado.
vegan rosemary fries at the yellow carrot in durango, colorado.

Since our last visit, Yellow Carrot has added a "High Vibe" menu that's full of vegan options. We can't wait to check it out and update this post!

Raider Ridge Cafe

Raider Ridge Cafe is a spot that serves burritos, wraps and smoothies. We stuck with burritos and got the Big Canyon with added tofu and the Hippy Wrap (made vegan.)

vegan big canyon burrito at raider ridge cafe in durango, colorado.
hippy wrap at raider ridge cafe in durango, colorado.

We ate here out of convenience and hangriness so it wouldn't be our first choice in Durango but the food was filling and good if not exciting.

Well, vegan Durango really delivered! For a smaller city, there were a surprising number of vegan options. 

vegan durango for pinterest pin.
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