Can You Go RV Camping With A Baby or Toddler?

August 17, 2021
rv travel trailers camping at night with decorative lights.

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Short answer: Yes. You can go on an RV camping vacation with an infant or toddler and it can be enjoyable. However, it does require some extra preparation compared to your average RV getaway. Below are a few tips for going RV camping with a baby or toddler. 

Child-proof your RV

As you would child-proof your home, it’s important to child-proof your RV. This involves putting any potentially dangerous items out of reach or locking them away in cupboards. Be wary of corners on counters and tables - it could be worth adding corner guards, especially if your RV is very compact. If your RV has carpets, consider whether it’s worth laying down some rugs to protect them from muddy shoes, sticky food and other infant mess.

Buy the right kit

It could be worth investing in some extra infant equipment for your RV. First, you’ll need to install a car seat for when traveling if you haven’t got one already. Second, you should check out camping cots - these are portable beds that are ideal for taking on camping vacations. One that is low to the ground would probably be best for smaller children.

Equipment such as a baby carrier could also be useful for if you want to go hiking with your little one (it will save you having to lug around a stroller). Outdoor playpens could also be worth looking into, allowing your child to play outside in a controlled environment. 

Bring the essentials

On top of having the right equipment, you also need to bring all the essentials such as bottles, food, diapers, wipes, clothes, etc. An RV could give you greater storage space than a car so take advantage of this if you’re planning a long vacation. 

Keep up your child’s routine as much as possible

It’s easy to give up routines while on vacation, however your child may still need this routine - especially when it comes to getting them to sleep at a reasonable time or making sure they want to eat. Try to plan out your travels around this routine. This could involve making sure you’re parked and settled somewhere by the time bedtime comes around so that your child gets to sleep easily (and so that you still get your adult time in the evening). 

Break up long journeys

woman and child in rain gear standing on a log.

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

Most kids aren’t good with long road journeys - even if it is in an RV. If you haven’t got a toilet on board your RV, make sure to plan stops so that your little one can use the toilet, especially if they’re a toddler just learning to use the toilet for the first time. Frequent stops could also be necessary simply for breaking up boredom and giving your little one a change of surroundings. 

Look into family-friendly campsites

When planning where to park up, it could be worth looking into family-friendly campsites. This includes campsites with playgrounds and bathrooms with baby changing facilities. Having all this on the site could make things a little bit easier for you and more fun for your little one. You can search for such campsites online.


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