Common Things People Forget To Pack On An RV Trip

August 30, 2021

There’s a lot to pack when going on an RV trip. If you’re not a seasoned RV traveler, it can be easy to forget certain items. Below are just some of the common things that people forget to bring when going on an RV trip.

Toilet paper

If you’ve got a toilet in your RV and you plan to use it while you travel, make sure that you’ve packed some toilet paper. There are few moments more awkward than sitting down to do your business and realizing you’ve got nothing to wipe with. Bring a large multipack of toilet roll so that you’re stocked up in advance. And be sure to get the kind of paper that will break down in your black tank.

Soap and shampoo

Soap and shampoo is something many of us forget when traveling. While you can rely on some hotels to have small bottles of shampoo and soap, your RV isn’t going to have these things included. Make sure that you’ve brought all the toiletries you need if you plan to wash while you’re away.

Batteries and chargers

Many of us remember to bring our electronic devices and gadgets, however chargers and batteries can commonly get forgotten. This can be fairly frustrating - especially if you rely on things like your smartphone for navigation. Make sure to pack all the necessary chargers you need. You may be able to buy spare chargers to keep in your RV just in case (charging phone mounts can be very useful if you need to use your phone for navigation while driving).

When it comes to replaceable batteries, make sure you’ve got the right sizes and right types of battery. If you’re taking a flashlight, consider the best 18650 battery for flashlight longevity. Store batteries somewhere safe where they won’t get too warm.

Kitchen utensils

kitchen utensils on a counter with a dish rack and plant in the background.

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Plan to cook and eat in your RV? Make sure that you’ve got all the right kitchen utensils. This could include basics like plates, cups and cutlery, as well as more specific handy equipment like can openers, bottle openers and sieves that often get forgotten.

If you haven’t got a lot of kitchen storage space in your RV, you may have to prioritize certain utensils. To stop all your kitchen utensils rattling around as you drive, consider a few of these handy tips


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If you need to light a fire, having matches and a lighter is always handy. This is particularly important if your RV doesn’t have an oven and you need to use a portable gas stove

Dish soap, cloths and sponges

After you’ve used your kitchen utensils, you need to be able to clean them. If you’re just going away somewhere for a night, you may be able to take utensils back with you and wash up at your home. However, if you’re traveling for more than a couple days, you’ll want to be able to wash up your utensils on the go. Keep a pack of sponges and some washing up liquid in your RV for cleaning dishes, as well as some cloths for drying. 

General cleaning equipment

You want to be able to keep your RV in a hygienic state. This involves having some cleaning equipment handy such as a mop or broom, as well as spray-on cleaning liquids. This could include chemical cleaning liquids like bleach or organic cleaning liquids. 

First aid kit

You never know when you may sustain an injury or fall ill. As a result, it’s good to always have a first aid kit handy. Your first aid kit should have equipment in it such as bandages, dressings, band-aids, safety pins, antiseptic liquid, tweezers and scissors. Make sure to also bring any prescription medication you may need (including medication for allergies, contact lenses or hearing aid batteries), as well as useful over-the-counter medication such as painkillers and anti-diarrheal pills. If you’d prefer to take organic medication with you, you can do. 


Newbie RV owners who are used to staying in hotels may easily forget essentials such as bedding. It’s a good idea to bring a few sets of sheets so that you can change them if necessary (especially if you’re going on a long RV trip).

Some RV beds can come in unusual sizes, which is why it’s so important to sort out bedding in advance - you may not be able to easily buy sheets on the go. Prepare for all temperatures -  it could be worth packing a warm duvet or flannel sheets just in case it gets very cold at night. 

Physical maps

Many of us have got used to navigating via GPS. However, it’s useful to have physical maps as a backup, especially if you’re exploring somewhere very remote where getting an internet connection may not always be easy. You may even be able to find maps and travel booklets specifically aimed at RV users - these may contain useful information such as campsites for RVs and routes that are best avoided in an RV. 

Sunscreen and shades

Sunscreen and shades are commonly forgotten travel items. They could be particularly important to bring if you’re traveling in the summer. Store some shades and sunscreen in your RV so that you’ve always got them available. 

Warm clothing

close up of a campfire at night.

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Even if you’re traveling in summer, it’s worth packing some warm clothing. In some rural places (especially deserts and coastal areas), the temperature can drop considerably in the evening. It’s nice to have some warm clothing that you can put on so that you can spend a little longer outside. 


It can be useful to have an array of bags for storing items such as loose food, trash or dirty laundry. Ziplock bags are great for storing various food ingredients. You may be able to use general plastic bags for trash and dirty laundry. 


How will you entertain yourself in the evening? It could be worth bringing a few games to play. This could include a few board games or possibly a pack of cards.

Some people install TVs in their RV, however others may prefer to use their RV trip to get away from the TV. Consider in advance how you’d like to spend your evenings and make sure that you’ve got all the necessary gear to keep you occupied so that you don’t get bored in the evenings.


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