Creative Ideas to Make your Travel Memories Last Forever

Going on vacations helps you relax your mind because you may be working hard daily, whether at home or that dream job and taking a break is perfectly okay. The big question is; what's a vacation without having a way of holding the travel memories you've made?

A sense of fulfillment gets obtained from traveling that is unmatched even by the designer clothes and bags you may possess or the high-end gadgets.

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Creating a travel book 

One of the better ways of preserving your photos is through making a travel book. You can start by choosing and collating pictures that show your trip's highlights. The images can be for the moment you've only experienced once in your life, as you can make one heck of a story from your travel photo collection.

Creating a travel book is fun and exciting since the book can get customized according to your desired theme or design. The book can have your beach adventures collection, the beautiful breathtaking mountain photos taken during that hiking trip, or the landscape photos you took of different countries visited.

Take your favorite photo and get it painted.

You may have your favorite photo from your trip and having it in a canvas painting is one of the great ways of saving travel memories. Each time you see the picture, you can enjoy a memory of the place visited. Additionally, it doubles as a piece of art in your house.

Create a video 

In this digitalization era, almost everyone in social media has ideas of tricks and tips for making good video footage. The photos captured can be turned into short videos in some minutes as there are many ways of doing it without professional knowledge. 

Additionally, you can learn how to add music to Instagram posts.  It doesn't need skills to do it because you need to open Instagram and go your stories, then process and select a photo to use, tap the sticker icon that is on top of your screen, select the music sticker, then find the song you may love  and then tap it.

Document your travels on your social media accounts 

Documenting your travel moments on social media, maybe Instagram or Facebook is a free and easy way of having a lifetime account of your adventures. In this case, you may also inspire a few people so they can do the same thing. Choose your favorite social media and then chronicle your travels.

Write a travel journal 

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You will never regret having a travel journal as it's incredible since it keeps the details you may forget. The journal doesn't necessarily need to be on paper. Instead, you can choose to email your family and friends, which is also an excellent way for preserving memories.

Back up everything 

So, it's vital to always have a backup plan because you may also lose your cellphone or laptop. You can do it by backing up to your external hard drive, laptop, and online cloud storage, which are valuable and a great way to ensure you don't lose any photos. Make sure you have a redundancy in case one backup method fails. 

Blogging about it 

When blogging about your travels, the memories get preserved creatively. You can share your experience and photos, and videos on your travel blog. Also, it's considered a beautiful way for friends and families to follow your adventures, especially when traveling on a long-term basis.

If you love to write, blogging can be perfect for you as you use words to tell your adventure story. Also, if you may feel like taking your blogging stories to the next level, you can consider turning your blog posts into a printed book.

Make a travel pin map

A map is another way to document your travels visually. For instance, you can use a DIY travel pin map and after making it, look for a place within the house to post it. When visiting a city or country, then all you have to do is put the pushpin on a particular place within the map and insert some information like the duration and dates of your travel.

You can also consider getting a scratch map that allows you to peel off the countries visited. Through this, you can see how much you've covered and what you're left with.


It is crucial to care for your travel memories as you should not rely on your mind to remember the sights, tastes of the destinations, feelings, smells, and sounds. With the help of your camera, you will bring home memories as you can consider doing something special with your photos.


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