Fabulous Food On The Road

We love getting out and about and taking in all that makes America, America the beautiful. It’s a blessing to live in this country and experience all of the iconic vistas and landmarks that have shaped this nation.

So, if like us you adore the call of the open road but also want to make sure that you’re eating the best way you possibly can, then you’ll also know that it can be something of a challenge.

Honestly, it’s all about preparation and planning and when you know what your goals are in relation to the time you’re planning on being on the road, it’s going to make your vision a lot clearer.

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Plan Your Route - And Your Food

If you’re embarking on a long road journey, you’ll be planning at least in some fashion, the intended route you want to take. Along this route, there will be opportunities to get off the road and go rural, but you’ll also have chances to stop in bigger cities where you can stock up on all of your staples. To know what they are, you’ll also need a plan (it can be pretty basic) for your meals.  Match your meals to your route plan.

Go Frozen

If you can prepare as many of your favorite, healthy meals before leaving home and then get them frozen as quickly as possible, you’ll be locking in all that goodness and have nearly ready-made meals for when you’re on the road. As most modern-day RV’s are fully equipped, that shouldn’t be a problem for you and you’ll love the taste of your homemade meals.

Air Fryers and Instant Pots

These fabulous gadgets are your friends for life and allow you to prepare all manner of awesome meals without the guilt. Air fryers in particular are great for preparing vegan burgers, mushrooms, and more.

Instant pots are the perfect accessory for the active family that wants to get out and explore and come home to a hot meal.

Map Out Travel Days and Plan For Them

In between your overnights, you’ll have the glorious mission of covering huge amounts of land and potentially vast swathes of the open road - bliss! But for these days, you’ll need to do a little extra planning. If you’re traveling with kids, then you’ll have to account for snack times in between meals and remember that the driver needs a break too.

Pickling is a skill you definitely want to acquire because the flavors are amazing and you can keep relatively large amounts of stock on hand. You can learn how to pickle jalapenos here.

All great adventures start with good plans and even better dreams and you’ll find that being on the open road doesn’t mean compromising on your diet and healthy living goals. You’ll have endless opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, trail running, mountain climbing, swimming, and more. So you’ll also want to ensure that you can maintain your energy levels and retain focus for those long hours on the road.

All things are possible.


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