Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Jensen Beach and Stuart, Florida

So far, finding vegan food on the road hasn’t been a challenge at all. We easily found vegan-friendly restaurants in Jensen Beach and Stuart, Florida while we were in the area while we were staying at Savannas Recreation Area Campground and running over to Hutchinson Island to visit Kevin’s parents. We found all of these places via Happy Cow.

Jensen Beach Vegan Food

Bunkhouse CoffeeĀ Bar

bunkhouse coffee bar jensen beach florida

Bunkhouse Coffee Bar just opened in November of 2016, but it looks like she is already building up a nice clientele. While it isn’t 100% vegan, the owner is so there are plenty of excellent options including some gluten free. With smoothies and acai bowls, it’s an ideal place for breakfast, but she also has light lunch choices. And, we just saw that she’s adding panini to the menu. Oh, and the coffee is great! We utterly failed to take photos of our coffees, though.

bunkhouse coffee bar acai bowl and baked goods

Kevin had an acai bowl and a protein bar that he loved. And I had a nice salad and chocolate chip banana bread. We used to make a chocolate chip banana bread at Dough, so it was nice to have one someone else made. šŸ™‚

bunkhouse coffee bar salad

Oh, and you might be conned into playing fetch with the owner’s dog. She can be persuasive!

Stuart Vegan Food

Taco Shack

We saw on their menu that The Taco Shack had some interesting vegan options in addition to your standard omnivore fare. So we decided to go there with Kevin’s parents. We ordered chips & guacamoleĀ that quickly disappeared.

And then Kevin and I orderedĀ the roasted cauliflower tacos and Thai basil brussels sprout tacos. They also had Daiya cheese, but only enough for one order of tacos. We opted to get it on the cauliflower ones. We enjoyed both tacos, but I think the cauliflower ones were the best. But I’m a sucker for roasted cauliflower. And this cauliflower was spiced with taco-type seasoning, too.

taco shack thai basil tacos

taco shack roasted cauliflower tacos

The tacos did cost more than we used to pay in Atlanta, but the food was good and different so I’m not complaining.

Fruits and Roots

fruits and roots menu - vegan-friendly restaurants in jensen beach and stuart, florida

Fruits and Roots is a juice bar, but it also has a full menu of sandwiches and other goodies. They had a local kombucha on tap, so I got that. We rarely turn down aĀ house made or on-tap kombucha. It was the kind of kombucha I like, not too sweet.

local kombucha on tap at fruits and roots

Kevin ordered coffee, and they bring it with their house made mylk.

fruits and roots coffee

The flatbread special that day sounded really good, so we ordered that along with our sandwiches. It was peanut butter and jelly with banana, coconut, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds. It turned out the flat bread was huge and filling! Two could have shared that for breakfast and been completely satisfied.

fruits and roots daily special flat bread

fruits and roots flat bread piece

For lunch, I got the All Day Tempeh, and Kevin got the house made Black Bean Burger. The tempeh was lightly smoky, and the black bean burger was flavorful. Both were delicious and totally filling without the flatbread prequel.

fruits and roots tempeh sandwich

fruits and roots house black bean burger

All in all, we were pleased with the vegan-friendly restaurants in Jensen Beach and Stuart, Florida. There are more options than there have been in the past. While we love an entirely vegan menu, we also really appreciate restaurants that take the time to have tasty and satisfying vegan options on their menu rather than the standard hummus plate or whatever Cisco has for a veggie burger.

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  • Rita says:

    Thanks for the good info! I’ve been to Fruits & Roots but did not know about Taco Shack and the Bunkhouse Coffee Bar. Based on your reviews, I’ll give them a try!

    • We love Fruits & Roots! Since this post was written Bunkhouse has gone 100% vegan! And Taco Shack has a new owner but it looks like they kept the menu. You might want to confirm that the marked vegetarian items are vegan. Enjoy!

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