Hopping on the Cassiar Highway with our RV

It’s finally time for us to hop on the Cassiar Highway on our way through Canada as we make our way to the lower 48. After leaving Pine Lake, we see some critters and stay at our new 2nd favorite provincial park.

Animal sightings

We spotted an elk hanging out on the side of the road. And then we came upon a grizzly bear digging for tasty snacks!

grizzly bear digging for snacks on the side of the road.

Even though there were vehicles stopped all around, nothing was going to interrupt this guy’s meal. Not even the dumbass that got out of his vehicle so he could get closer to take a photo. He’s lucky he didn’t get mauled.

Morley Lake Recreation Site

Morley Lake was a fine place for a free overnight. It was quiet but didn’t have any cell signal or services.

morley lake recreation area yukon.

free camping at morley lake recreation area yukon.

Hopping on the Cassiar Highway

We finally get our first taste of the Cassiar Highway! The first few miles coming south the road was a little rough and narrow, but not terrible. It opens up and smooths out a bit as we get further along.

cassiar highway southbound.

mountain views on the cassiar highway.

One thing to note about being on the Cassiar Highway is that you will probably not get a cell phone signal along the whole length of it.

Internet Protip

If you need to check in, stop at Dease Lake. You can also refuel there. Park alongside the Northern Lights College. Then hop out and check their door. When we passed through they had posted their wifi password there. It’s not fast, but you can check email and get messages to people.

Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park

Kinaskan Lake is a beautiful provincial park with many water-view sites. It’s impeccably maintained. No hookups or services but there are vault toilets. Oh, and as we’ve been saying, there is no cell service here.

kineskan lake provincial park water view.

kineskan lake provincial park.

campsite at kineskan lake provincial park.

campsite on the water at kineskan lake provincial park.

There’s a nature trail to check out. And if you’ve got a kayak or canoe the lake is usually pretty calm.

nature trail at kineskan lake provincial park.

We were also lucky enough to see the auroras from Kinaskan lake. Keep an eye out for The Motorhome Experiment’s video. It’ll knock your socks off!

Now that we’ve driven both the Alaska Highway and the Cassiar Highway we can tell you that neither is that bad! We’d drive them again no question. Have you heard bad things about these roads? What’s your biggest fear holding you back from taking your RV to Alaska?

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  • Bill P says:

    Thank you for sharing. We’re planning our Alaska adventure for next year and didn’t want to drive the Alaska Highway both ways. Someone told me the Cassair was a little narrow for my rig (42′ Fifth wheel) but people drive it all the time right? Loved you photos!

    • It’s such a fun trip! You won’t regret it.

      The Cassiar is a little narrow but we didn’t have any problems. We’re about 35.5′ long and we towed a car. We hit the Cassiar in mid-September ish and there was almost no traffic.

      It’s beautiful through there and making the side trip to Hyder was fun. Definitely plan on having no cell signal the entire length of the Cassiar. Maybe there have been upgrades since 2018 but don’t count on it.

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