A List of Plant Based People Living in RVs

Vegan and vegetarian full-time RV people aren't as rare as you might think. Every once in a while we get a message on Instagram from someone happy to have found another vegan or vegetarian living full-time in their RV. And every time I think "actually there are a few of us out there, I should compile a list." Then more time goes by, someone else gets in touch, and the process repeats.

So, I finally got off my butt and compiled a list of Instagram accounts for full-time RV dwellers where one or both of the inhabitants are vegetarian or vegan, to the best of my knowledge. There are 10s of us! There are probably even more than that.

If you know someone that's not on the list, drop them in the comments, and if they are vegan or vegetarian and live full-time in their RV, I'll add them. If I've made any mistakes, tell me that too. 🙂

NOTE: This was a fun thing to put together a few years ago, but I am no longer going to update this list. People you find here may or may not still be veggie or RV dwelling.

Laura Nunemaker

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Laura Nunemaker

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  • @2catsdriving says:

    Great list! Thanks!

  • Nice list, I love that you help others! We’re all in this together.

  • Franny Holly says:

    We’re aspiring full-time van dwelling vegans, and wanting to connect with y’all.

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