We Finally Hit the Road

November 25, 2016

Well, we did it. This morning we left Stone Mountain Family Campground where we’ve been living in the RV for about a month, ran a few errands, hooked up our Subaru, and started driving South. So we are officially digital nomads. Even though the RV has become home, I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet.

First Stop – Fill All the Tanks

Well, not all the tanks. Kevin filled up our fresh water before leaving Stone Mountain since we didn’t know when and if we’d have hookups. But we still needed gas in the RV. And we wanted to top off the propane. So we stopped at a Flying J just north of Macon. According to the myPilot app, it had separate RV lanes and propane. And it did! There was plenty of room to maneuver with the car in tow.

While Kevin filled the tanks, I made sandwiches. When we were done filling up, we pulled off to the side and ate lunch then hopped back on the road.

Boondocking at Camp Walmart

Things came together at the last minute so we weren’t even sure we would be able to leave today. Today is Black Friday, by the way, the day after Thanksgiving. So it’s a long weekend for most people, and most campgrounds are full.

We do have a reservation for Sunday when we’ll meet up with Taylor and Beth in St. Augustine, but we didn’t make any reservations before that. Everything reasonably priced and convenient is full, so we just stopped at a Walmart.

I’d heard reports that the Walmarts in Atlanta weren’t even busy today. They had their sales on Thanksgiving day. So we decided to give one a try. There was a rest area one exit back we could go to if it turned out to be sketchy.

We arrived just as the sun was setting. The Walmart was a little busier than expected, but the parking lot was not full. On the AllStays app, people said they were told to park towards the Wendy’s, so we did the same. There was already someone pulling a teardrop trailer there.

Even though many different people on the AllStays app reported that this Walmart allowed overnight stays, etiquette dictates that you go in and ask anyway. We also needed a can of cranberry sauce to go with our Thanksgiving leftovers. We asked at customer service, and they said it was okay and directed us towards where we were already parked.

First Day in the Bag

So, here I am, full of Thanksgiving leftovers, fighting off the urge to crawl into bed and go to sleep. I promised myself I’d get a blog post done tonight because it has been a while. Now that we are officially “on the road” instead of running all over the place taking care of things so we can get on the road, blog posts will come more frequently.

While we’re excited about this new adventure, this year has been a pile of crap in many ways. There is a backlog of posts about camping trips we took this summer that I hope to eventually clear. So, don’t worry, I’m not going to post every time we stay at a Walmart.

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  • Jeanette says:

    Congrats on being official! Looking forward to meeting you guys on the road. Safe travels!

  • Jamie Smith says:

    This is so exciting!!! I can’t wait to see all your adventures!!!

  • Nancy says:

    Love you guys

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