Beautiful travel days through British Columbia

In this video, we finish up on the Cassiar and make our way towards Vancouver for a couple of travel days. On the way the views are beautiful, as always, but the weather was a little scary.

Gitwangak Battle Hill  to Prince George

As we leave Gitwangak Battle Hill we are also leaving behind the Cassiar Highway. We roll on Canada 16 all the way to Prince George.

end of the cassiar highway.

The mountain views along the way were beautiful.

mountain views in british columbia.

barn in british columbia.

We boondocked at the Prince George Walmart, which we’ve done before so we didn’t bother showing it. While in Prince George we tried and failed to get vegan burgers at A&W. The internet says they’re back in stock, though, so it’s a great place to give one a try.

Prince George is a great place to restock. They have a Costco, Walmart, Canadian Tire – pretty much anything you need.

Prince George to Spences Bridge

After Prince George, we hit a patch of construction that might have been the worst stretch of road we encountered this trip. Thankfully it didn’t last long.

free camping at spences bridge british columbia.

Our second overnight was in a pull-out right on Canada 1 in Spences Bridge. We had lovely views of the Thompson River.

view of the thompson river from our rv.

thompson river at spences bridge british columbia.

And we also had train tracks on either side of us that were quite busy. Train noise doesn’t bother us though. Especially after long travel days.

train by the thompson river in british columbia.

train by the thompson river in british columbia.

Spences Bridge to Burnaby

We continue on Canada 1, or the Trans Canada Highway, as we make our way towards Vancouver. The views are stunning. You travel along the Thompson River and then it meets up with the Fraser River so you’re treated to more beautiful vistas. Well, when it isn’t raining.

The Trans Canada also rolls through some mountains here where we encountered some thick patches of fog. Thankfully the thick fog patches didn’t last long. Low visibility is scary!

travel days with fog in british columbia.

tunnel on the trans canada highway.

Then we start rolling into the Vancouver metro area. Back in civilization! We can’t wait to eat all the vegan food. And we do in the next couple of videos. It’ll be nice to leave travel days behind for a week.

Next post: Vegan Vancouver – time to enjoy being in civilization again!

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