Another visit to Talkeetna, then on to Healy

We’re back for another visit to Talkeetna where we saw many more stunning views of Denali.

Free camping in Talkeetna

We stayed a few days on the Talkeetna spur in a pull-out, and it was pretty quiet at night. It was just a few miles to drive into town, and there were several pull-outs you could choose from along that stretch of road. Our pull-out was fairly deep so we could position ourselves back from the road.

free camping in talkeetna alaska.

More views of Denali

Hope you’re not tired of seeing Denali. We never got tired of it! Somehow we got lucky enough to have more clear views of the elusive mountain while we were in Talkeetna.

view of denali from talkeetna.

view of denali from talkeetna.

kevin and laura and view of denali from talkeetna.

And we even got to see it at sunset.

denali at sunset from talkeetna.


Talkeetna is such a cute little town. It was worth coming back for another look.

small grass runway in talkeetna alaska.

planes on the side of a runway in talkeetna alaska.

small travel trailer and house in talkeetna alaska.


old van in talkeetna alaska.

And we’re glad we did because we had a unique experience – free bunny petting therapy! Look at these tiny bunny wraps! So freakin’ cute.

bunny therapy in talkeetna alaska.

bunny therapy in talkeetna alaska.

Kahiltna Birchworks

Have you ever had birch syrup? Just outside of Talkeetna you’ll find the Kahiltna Birchworks where you can tour the birch syrup factory and taste the different varieties.

kahiltna birchworks talkeetna alaska.

They will also show you a little film about birch syrup and answer all of your questions. We both loved the syrup and bought a few to take with us.

kahiltna birchworks factory tour.

Vegan eats near Talkeetna

Denali Brewing Company Pub

The Denali Brewing Company Pub had a couple of vegan options. They had a hummus sandwich and a stir-fry over cauliflower rice on the menu when we visited.

hummus sandwich at denali brewing company.

stir fry over cauliflower at denali brewing company.

And when you’re at a brewery you’ve gotta try a beer, right? Pictured is the Louisville Sour, and I enjoyed it. It’s a good entry level sour since it won’t make you pucker too much.

beer at denali brewing company.

We also went to Mountain High Pizza again. But we showed you that last time.

Flying Squirrel Bakery Cafe

At Flying Squirrel Bakery Cafe we also found a few vegan items.

flying squirrel bakery cafe in talkeetna alaska.

We enjoyed the vegan baked goods, and they also had a nice sandwich.

vegan cookie at flying squirrel bakery in talkeetna.

vegan sandwich at flying squirrel bakery in talkeetna.

coffee at flying squirrel bakery in talkeetna.

bar at flying squirrel bakery in talkeetna.

Color changes as we head into Healy

Wow, everything looks completely different than the last time we passed through here. Instead of green and flowers, it’s now yellow, orange, and red.

fall colors in alaska.

fall colors in healy alaska.

fall at otto lake in healy alaska.

Moose sightings

While in Talkeetna, we heard there was a moose hanging out, so we went to check it out. And it was still there!

moose at night in talkeetna.

Then later, as we were driving around Healy, we saw a mama and baby moose in a field chowing down. We never get tired of seeing moose!

mama and baby moose in healy alaska.

We’re almost done in Alaska, but not quite! We’ll hang out in Fairbanks again and then high tail it south.

Next post: making a run for the border!

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