Rolling south out of Alaska and into Canada

It’s time to pick up the pace as we make our way south. And we’ll also have to make another border crossing – and it won’t be the last!

Fairbanks, again

Kevin had to go out of town for work so we posted up in Fairbanks again so he could fly out. Of course, while he was gone Paul, Lorena, and I got to see the auroras!

Sorry, there’s no video of the Northern Lights but there’s only so much an iPhone can do. I did get a few pictures. They’re a little grainy but you can see some of the colors come through. So amazing!

northern lights in fairbanks, alaska.

northern lights in fairbanks, alaska.

northern lights in fairbanks, alaska.

northern lights in fairbanks, alaska.

Little Owl Cafe

Little Owl Cafe has vegan baked goods and waffles in Fairbanks. We went a few times while in Fairbanks and always enjoyed our coffee and food.

coffee and cranberry bread at little owl cafe in fairbanks.

vegan waffle at little owl cafe in fairbanks.

Border crossing back into Canada

We roll out of Fairbanks and cross back into Canada. After an uneventful border crossing, we did the tourist thing at the official country border since we didn’t do it on the way in.

welcome to alaska sign at yukon border on the alaska highway.

welcome to yukon sign at the border crossing on the alaska highway.

stickers on the back of the welcome sign on the alaska yukon border.

The fall colors are on full display along the way.

fall colors on the alaska highway.

fall colors on the alaska highway.

We get to see some Dall sheep and a moose with her baby.

dall sheep on the alaska highway.

moose and her baby on the alaska highway.

Pine Lake Provincial Park

We overnighted at Pine Lake Provincial Park again. We stayed there on the way up to Alaska earlier in the year.

pine lake provincial park campground in haines junction, yukon.

This time when we walked the nature trail we saw bear scat and holes they had been digging. Thankfully we had no close encounters though.

We’re definitely sad to be leaving Alaska behind. What an amazing summer! If you can make that journey we highly recommend it. And if you do go to Alaska in the summer, spend as long as you can there. There is so much to see and do!

Is Alaska on your bucket list? If it is and you haven’t been yet, what’s keeping you?

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