Crossing the U.S./Canada border at Sumas with our RV

For this leg of our Alaska 2018 trip, we traveled from Tulalip Casino in Marysville, WA to Prince George, BC. Yes, that includes an international border crossing! Watch the video here or scroll down for more information.

Sumas Huntington Border Crossing

sumas border crossing.

Taking the RV across the border into Canada at Sumas was no problem. All you need to do is read and understand the rules before you go. Then even if they pull you for a search, you won’t have a problem.

The border agent didn’t ask about food. She only asked about alcohol, weapons, and what we did for work. Oh, and she asked if we had enough money.

So far we’ve never had a problem getting into Canada or Mexico. It’s getting back into the U.S. that’s fun. We’ll see what happens in Alaska.

Fuel up before you cross the border!

The Super Duper gas station right before crossing the border has propane for $1.79/gallon. Gas was around $3.40/gallon.

We use the Gas Buddy app to look ahead and find the best gas prices. For our first fill-up in Canada, it was at Lhtako Gas & Convenience Store, a full-service First Nations gas station. It was a few cents a liter less than anyone else in town. It was also a block or so off the main road, so if you try to go there don’t freak out that you’re driving through a neighborhood. It’s fine!


We saw such beautiful scenery on this drive, especially between Hope and Cache Creek. The route took us through some tunnels, and there were loads of river and mountain views. We even got to see rafters taking on the Fraser River! And boy was it full.

lake in british columbia.

hill in british columbia.

Wild animal tally: one deer and one bald eagle.

Walmart overnight

We overnighted at the Walmart in Prince George. They ask that you park your RV along the outer wall, so we did. That Walmart had some organics, tofu, and vegan meats. We didn’t have any problems here.

walmart in prince george, british columbia.

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Next post, we hop on the Alaska Highway!

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