Hanging out in Whitehorse, Yukon

While we stayed for a few days, we found a few fun things to do in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Our solar set-up allowed us to boondock in the Walmart parking lot. You can walk or bike to almost everywhere from there. We haven’t hooked up since we left Portland, OR.

Things to do Whitehorse

SS Klondike

The SS Klondike is a riverboat that used to travel up and down the Yukon River that they dragged up onto the land. Now you can tour the boat.

ss klondike in whitehorse.

another view of the ss klondike riverboat in whitehorse.

Start at the visitors center for some information. Then there’s a film you can watch in a tent that shows footage of the riverboats on the river and gives you a ton of information about them. Then you can tour the boat.

powerhouse of the ss klondike riverboat.

Reindeer milk is a real thing that people consume. Not us, but then we don’t drink any animal milk.

reindeer milk cases in the ss klondike.

Love the graphics on these produce boxes!

produce crates in the ss klondike.

dry goods in the ss klondike.

fire extinguisher in the ss klondike.

toilet in the ss klondike.

power control of the ss klondike.

Some parts were closed for renovation, but you can see quite a bit of it.

ss klondike paddle wheel.

ss klondike kitchen.

ss klondike staterooms.

ss klondike view.

Miles Canyon

Further down, or up, the Yukon River is a parking area for Miles Canyon. From there you can take some hikes of varying lengths.

map of trails at miles canyon yukon.

It used to be called Grand Canyon, but it’s not near as big as the one in Arizona. We did about a 3-mile hike along the river then up around through the woods. The views were stunning.

view of miles canyon yukon from the parking lot.

walls of miles canyon.

kevin surveys miles canyon.

paddle boarders on the yukon river through miles canyon.

miles canyon and the yukon river.

pedestrian bridge over miles canyon.

view of miles canyon from the pedestrian bridge.

World’s Largest Weathervane

There’s a DC3 mounted on a stick that acts as a weathervane, possibly the world’s largest. It doesn’t seem possible, but it does move.

dc3 weathervane in whitehorse.

history of dc3 weathervane in whitehorse.

worlds largest weathervane in whitehorse.

Sadly, we saw no animals in Whitehorse.

Next post we travel from Whitehorse to Pine Lake in Haines Junction.

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