Whitehorse to Pine Lake in Haines Junction

In this video, we finish up some odds and ends in Whitehorse and journey from Whitehorse to Pine Lake in Haines Junction moving a bit closer to Alaska.

What else happened in Whitehorse?

It’s a small place and easy to walk around. That’s the best way to see and experience a place.

hotel edgewater whitehorse yukon.

Alpine Organic Bakery

Alpine Bakery was amazing! Everything in the case was by default vegan. If it had eggs or dairy in it, they marked it on the tag. They make many of their items of whole grains with little or no added oils or processed sugars. Being able to try some baked goods was exciting. They also have really good coffee.

coffee and scone at alpine bakery whitehorse yukon.

bar at alpine bakery whitehorse yukon.

poppy roll at alpine bakery whitehorse yukon.

pastry at alpine bakery whitehorse yukon.

cookie at alpine bakery whitehorse yukon.

Midnight Sun Coffee

Midnight Sun is a cute coffee shop with pretty good coffee. No vegan baked goods. They even have a sign that says no vegan or gluten-free baked goods. Gee, thanks? They do have non-dairy milk though.

Fireweed Farmer’s Market

Every Thursday there’s a farmer’s market in Whitehorse. When we went, it was mostly food and craft vendors. There was only one vendor with vegetables, and they just had micro greens and radishes. But we were here really early in the season. There was also a local kombucha vendor, and it was pretty good.

The drive to Pine Lake was rainy and nasty. We didn’t see any animals! But as we came upon the Kluane range, the mountains were so beautiful!

Animal tally bet

We have a wager going with The Motorhome Experiment. Whoever sees the most animals gets to have dinner on the losing couple. We have not been doing so well lately, so we’ll see how it goes.

Pine Lake Government Camp

Pine Lake is another campground with no services. The sites are all well-maintained and have picnic tables. This park also offers free firewood. There are only vault toilets.

pine lake campground site 16 yukon.

pine lake campground site 16 yukon.

There’s an interpretive trail along the lake, mostly on a boardwalk.

pine lake interpretive trail.

pine lake interpretive trail.

The views are quite beautiful especially if you walk to the end where you can see the Kluane mountain range.

view of the kluane mountain range from pine lake.

Many different birds come to the lake. We saw some ducks, but that was about it. Cover up or use bug spray because there are mosquitos down by the water.

mountain views from pine lake.

Gas check

We paid CAD $1.449 / liter this fill-up in Whitehorse. The gas station next to the Walmart has a dump, potable water, and a dumpster for trash. They don’t seem to have a problem with people using them even if they don’t buy gas. We did purchase gas and topped off the propane.

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