High Falls State Park – toads and waterfalls

January 9, 2018

As we made our way back up to Atlanta, we stopped one more place – High Falls State Park.

A Visit to Back to Edenz

High Falls State Park is between Macon and Atlanta off of I-75 in Georgia. After “roughing it” at Killebrew and cooking all of our food, we were happy to find a vegetarian restaurant in Macon, Back to Edenz.

old location of back to edenz.

back to edenz in macon.

Back to Edenz is a hot bar buffet. At the time of our visit, it was vegetarian, but most of the food was vegan. And now the restaurant is ALL vegan. Woohoo! It looks like they also have a new location.

I know some people hate on steam tables, but our food was excellent. It’s mostly vegetarian soul food.

buffet plate from back to edenz in macon.


another buffet plate from back to edenz.

inside veggie pattie at back to edenz.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, they also have cake slices. We do so naturally we got some.

german carob cake at back to edenz.

carrot cake at back to edenz.

Camping at High Falls State Park

The campground at High Falls State Park has two sections. One is by the lake, and the other is along the river.

We’d read that 4G reception was better in the river campground, so we stayed there in site 1. The signal there still wasn’t any better. But we limped along. We drove the car over to the lake loop to see if the cell service was any better over there, but it wasn’t.

When you see the campsites on the map, it looks like you might have a river view, but you don’t. There are quite a few trees between you and the water. Our site was typical of state parks in this area. We had plenty of space, privacy, and shade.

river loop campsite 1 at high falls state park.

There are several loops in the river campground section. We rode our bikes through here for exercise often.

The trails along the river are wonderful. When we were there, the woods were also full of toads! Seriously, toads everywhere.

high falls state park toad.

another high falls state park toad.

The trails are mostly shaded until you get by the river. They’re also rocky and at times a little hilly. If it has rained recently, be careful on the rocks so you don’t slip. I did and broke my fall with my phone. So, I finally joined the screen replacement club.

boulder at high falls state park.

Water hikes are the best! There’s something about running water that’s so soothing. You’ll get plenty of that here.

river at high falls state park.

rushing water at high falls state park.

falls at high falls state park.

We didn’t spend time over on the lake side of the park, and for some reason, I don’t have any photos of it. They did have boats you could rent and take out on the small lake.

If you need reliable cell signal, you might want to skip High Falls State Park. But if you can get by for a few days with spotty service it’s worth checking out. It might also be a convenient launching pad for making trips into Macon.

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