Watson Mill Bridge State Park and a Trip to the Grit

January 18, 2018

So, we’re going to fast forward a little bit here to Watson Mill Bridge State Park.

Getting you up to speed quickly

After we left High Falls State Park, we spent a couple of days at Stone Mountain Park, which we’ve posted about before, and then spent a little over a week mooch docking behind Kevin’s work.

moochdocking in duluth, georgia.

Next, we drove our RV towards Athens, Georgia to have the leaf springs replaced. We stayed with Kevin’s brother’s family while that happened.

And then we drove the RV over to a tire store for new shoes.

getting new tires in athens, georgia.

What do you do while you’re in Athens waiting for new tires?

Lunch at The Grit

The Grit has been a vegetarian staple in Athens, Georgia since the early 1990s. As far as we’re concerned, the Golden Bowl is the thing to get. So much so, that that’s the only thing I’ve ever ordered.

small golden bowl at the grit.

The Golden Bowl is old school hippie food. Crispy seasoned tofu cubes over brown rice. Upgrade to add veggies and their nutritional yeast gravy.

the golden bowl at the grit with gravy.

I got the small and Kevin got large. You can see the size difference in the photo. Okay, the angle isn’t helping you see the difference. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

small and large golden bowls.

If you’re not into the Golden Bowl, the menu shows the vegan options. Same with gluten-free.

Menu at The Grit in Athens, Georgia, side 1.

Menu at The Grit in Athens, Georgia, side 2.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert! There’s usually an assortment of vegan options in the bakery case.

blueberry pie at the grit.

chocolate cake at the grit.

Camping at Watson Mill Bridge State Park

Finally, after parking lot surfing and being out of the RV completely we’re back in a campground!

rv camping at watson mill bridge state park.

Watson Mill Bridge State Park sits on the South Fork River and right next to the longest covered bridge in Georgia.

watson mill bridge view 1.

watson mill bridge view 2.

watson mill bridge view 3.

watson mill bridge view 4.

Below the covered bridge, Watson Mill Bridge State Park has some falls and opens up into an area of shallow water and rocks where you can walk out into the river and cool off. Careful though, some of the stones are slippery!

watson mill bridge state park falls.

falls at watson mill bridge state park.


south fork river at watson mill bridge state park.

soaking in the south fork river.

shadows in the south river.

Laura and Kevin in the south fork river.

south fork river.

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There were also lovely trails for hiking and biking. We tried the bike trail, and it kicked our asses a bit. Which is fine. We need more of that.

Watson Mill Bridge State Park would be a refreshing choice for camping during the warmer months. The park closes for winter December through February.

When we left the campground, our RV GPS tried to route us through the covered bridge. Maybe it was smoking crack that day. Thankfully the campground entrance is right by one end of the bridge, so we knew better than to go that way. You do want to pay attention to how you’re routed to the park though.

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