Save Money at Killebrew Park – $5/night Camping!

January 6, 2018

Do you need to cheap place with few distractions to camp while you get some work done? That’s Killebrew Park.

Killebrew Park Camping

Killebrew Park is in the middle of nowhere in south-central Georgia. It’s northeast of Albany, Georgia and not far from Cordele off I-75.

This is not like most RV parks you’ll encounter. Crisp County Power Commission runs the park. The campground sits just below the dam of the Flint River for their hydroelectric plant.

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killebrew park hydro plant.

To make a reservation at Killebrew Park, you phone the Crisp County Power Commission at 229-535-6275. Ask if one of the water view sites is available. Then, when you get there, you call, and they will send someone down to get you settled and take your money, cash only.

You will want to call before you show up. When it rains, the power company opens up the dam, and it floods the campground. When you check-in, they get your mobile number so they can call you if they have to kick you out. As long as there’s no rain in the forecast, you should be fine.

killebrew park campground.

Killebrew used to be a free park, but they had problems with people being rowdy, so they started charging $5 a night. According to reviews and our experience, this seems to have been enough to cut out the unsavory element. They patrolled the campground regularly, and it never felt unsafe.

Many of the campsites have water, but none have electric. That seems kind of weird since they are making electricity right there. We stayed in site two on the water. It was level gravel and came with a picnic table and a fire ring.

killebrew park campsite 2.

There are plenty of trash cans around. There is also a thriving feral cat colony. They didn’t bother us at all, but you’ll see them.

Even though Killebrew Park is out of the way, we had no trouble getting enough cell signal to work.

The campground was never more than half full while we were there. The bathrooms were pretty rough, and we didn’t use them. I don’t remember seeing a dump station.

In April, we didn’t have too many bugs. One day these small black gnats were swarming, but they didn’t stay long.

Things To Do At Killebrew

Well, there’s isn’t much to do here. You can fish. We’re vegan, so we don’t do that. We could’ve kayaked, but we don’t travel with one.

killebrew park warning sign.

There’s a pretty road that mostly follows the edge of a lake above the dam. There are few cars on the road and a low-speed limit, so it makes for a nice bike ride.

There are a wide variety of homes there, anything from a fishing shack to a mansion. You’ll also pass by some farms.

farm near killebrew park.

We didn’t see much by way of wildlife except for the feral cats. And a snake crossing the road. And a smashed armadillo.

snake crossing the road near killebrew park.

The nearest Walmart didn’t even have tofu. It was the least vegan-friendly Walmart we’ve ever seen. We drove a little further and found a Publix that had more options. If you plan to stay a while, come prepared if you have any special needs. We didn’t starve though. The protein here is our smoky tempeh.

smoky tempeh, greens, and sweet potatoes.

Frozen burgers and chicken patties save the day!

vegan burger, greens, and mashed potatoes.

If you want to save a bit of money and get some work done, Killebrew is an excellent place for it. Otherwise, manage your expectations because there isn’t a lot to do here unless you fish.

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