Summer Solstice Celebrations in Fairbanks, Alaska

The reason we hurried our way up to Alaska is that we didn’t want to miss the Summer Solstice celebrations in Fairbanks. And we weren’t disappointed!

Summer Solstice Celebrations in Fairbanks

Midnight Sun Baseball Game

This year was the 113th for the summer solstice baseball game here in Fairbanks. That’s quite a tradition!

midnight sun baseball game in fairbanks alaska.

It starts at 10 pm so it’ll run past midnight. And the stadium lights are never used. This year was a little darker than it would generally be because of cloud cover. If you’re up here for the solstice, you should check it out. It’s a great place to rub elbows with the locals.

cloudy for midnight sun baseball game in fairbanks 2018.

home team gold panners win midnight sun baseball game in fairbanks 2018.

Vegan Potluck

We love a vegan potluck, and Kevin found a group on Facebook that does them here in Fairbanks And there was one scheduled for the time we were here so of course, we went! The food was all delicious, and the company was awesome!

vegan potluck in fairbanks alaska.

So if you’re going to be in an area for a while, search Facebook, and you might find one there.

Midnight Sun Festival

The Sunday closest to the solstice, the Midnight Sun Festival takes over downtown Fairbanks. They had live music, dancing, food, art, an impromptu skate park, women’s wrestling and more.

sword dancing at midnight sun festival 2018 in fairbanks alaska.

skate park set up at midnight sun festival 2018 in fairbanks alaska.

the portley presleys at midnight sun festival in fairbanks alaska.

And the shops, bars, and restaurants stay open for business during the festival.

More vegan food around town

We got a recommendation for Pita Place while at the potluck, so we had to try it out before we skipped town. We do love a falafel.

pita place fairbanks alaska.

It turned out to be excellent falafel and a cool place to hang out. Pita Place is a local favorite so expect lines during peak times.

falafels at pita place in fairbanks alaska.

The summer solstice celebrations in Fairbanks certainly kept us busy! You should try to experience it if you come up here.

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