Treating Your RV Like A Proper Home Away From Home

August 22, 2020
class c motorhome with palm trees.

Photo by Matt Hardy from Pexels

A home away from home is a place you hold near and dear, and treat as well as your own four walls. However, when that home is on wheels, and goes wherever you go, it can be hard to keep up with the maintenance that’s essential for leading a happy and healthy life. After all, being on the road can be fast paced and a little bit stressful, and you’ve got so many more things to do! 

However, you can give your RV a break here, and take a couple of hours to ensure it’s working right and you’re living smoothly. Here are a few ideas for treating your RV like the real home away from home that it is.

First, Get Organized

We use an app called Todoist to manage tasks we need to take care of in the RV, in our personal lives, and for work. It's like a todo list on steroids. The free version is all many people need. Todoist has apps for Android, iPhone, MacOS, and Windows. If you're curious how we use it to keep track of RV maintenance, we wrote a whole post about that.

Clean Up Properly

Cleaning an RV can be a real chore; there’s a lot of nooks and crannies you’ll need to get into, and there’s not much space for two or more people to work on dusting and wiping at the same time. However, if you’ve got an instruction manual on you, and an hour to kill, you’ll be through it like a stream of wind!

Make it easy for yourself; buy handheld, easy to maneuver items. A handheld vacuum, a spray bottle you can fill up with cleaning products or water as you go, and invest in some magic erasers to clean up stains around the RV like on your awning, couch, and dinette. 

Protect Your RV Properly

Protecting your RV is much the same as protecting your home. Make sure to secure your RV when you leave. You’d never just leave your front door open, would you? Shut and lock your doors and windows when you leave and instead use your fans for airflow. Take care of your RV locks and make sure they’re functioning properly. 

At the same time, think about all of the electrical and/or gas outlets within your RV. Do not plug into power without RV surge protectors or you risk your coaches whole electrical system. If your RV uses propane, make sure you have a propane leak detector in working order. 

class c motorhome in the trees with doors and windows open.

Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay

Don’t Forget the Holding Tank!

Now, dealing with the black tank is the crappiest job in an RV, literally, but it’s a very essential part of the maintenance routine. Carry a package of disposable gloves to use at the dump station.And remember to clean up after yourself for the next guy! 

You will also want to flush all of your tanks from time to time. Know the procedure for your RV. Some have special flush valves, others you need to fill with water from inside the RV. Be aware of how you sanitize your fresh water tank as well.

Your RV can be sparkling and clean again in no time once you start treating it as your home away from home!



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