Preparing to take the RV to Alaska

Hey, we’re taking the RV to Alaska! And we’re bringing you along for the ride! We’re vlogging our way to and around Alaska and back.

We’ve gotta start somewhere, so the first video is our last morning in the U.S. before we cross over into Canada.

What food did we stock up on?
How did we prep the RV?
How much trip planning did we do?

I’ll give you a little hint. Other than installing solar and hoarding food our planning has been minimal.

Casino Camping

We overnighted at Tulalip Resort Casino. You park, then go inside and sign up for the players club card. When you get back to your RV, you call security. They have signs posted with the number. Then they come to check you in. You do need to be signed up for the card before they can register you though.

tulalip casino camping.

The players club card gives you some free money to play. You get extra credits if you give them an email and I got even more because it was still my birth month. All in all, they ended up paying us about $10 to stay there. Not too shabby!

tulalip casino slot machine winnings.

A couple of things we mention in this video:

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Next video: Crossing the border into Canada with the RV

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