Watson Lake and the Sign Post Forest

Time to leave Liard River Hot Springs behind and get on down the road. In this video, we travel from Liard to Watson Lake and visit the Sign Post Forest.

Wild animal tally

guy on a buffalo sign.

It wasn’t a big animal day on the way to Watson Lake. Compared to some days we saw quite a few! Any day you see bear and bison is a good one!

bison on the alaska highway.

Wild animal tally: five bison, four bears

Cheap(er) gas

Before you get to Watson Lake, you’ll see a gas station that says it’s cheaper than Watson Lake. It is by a few cents a liter, so if you need gas, it’s worth filling up there. A few cents doesn’t matter much when filling up a car with gallons, but it sure adds up when you’re filling up an RV with liters.

Watson Lake Campground

We stayed the night at Watson Lake Campground which is in Yukon, so we get to put another sticker on our map! It’s CAD $12/night, and you pay the iron ranger.

watson lake campground iron ranger.

We stayed in site 44 in the second loop on the lake and is a large pull-through. That site has a little path down to the lake, but there were loads of mosquitos down there.

view of watson lake yukon.

RV and view of watson lake yukon,

rv site at watson lake yukon.

The campground only has vault toilets and water that you are supposed to boil before using. They do have free firewood throughout the campground though.

watson lake free firewood.

Cell signal in the town of Watson Lake is excellent – 4 bars of LTE. But at the campground, we were getting 3 bars of 3G. It was enough to get the job done.

The town of Watson Lake

There’s a small grocery store in the village, Watson Lake Foods, that has the basics. We only bought a couple of things since we plan to restock in Whitehorse.

watson lake grocery yukon.

We stopped in at the Northern Lights Center to watch the presentation. It’s two 30-minute films back to back. The first is about how the northern lights form and the second focuses more on the actual displays. I think it was CAD $10/person. We thought it was worth it.

Sign Post Forest

Before we left town, we stopped at the Sign Post Forest to put up our sign and take in the spectacle. Visiting is an RV right of passage.

rv at sign post forest.

Leave yourself some time to browse. There’s so much to take in!

sign post forest.

And don’t forget to bring your sign.

veganrv sign at sign post forest.

It’s also where we recorded the intro.

Next post: Watson Lake to Whitehorse

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