Exploring the little fishing town of Hope, Alaska

As we head further into the Kenai Peninsula, our next stop is the little fishing town of Hope, Alaska.

Camping in Hope

Pro-top: don’t arrive in Hope, Alaska on the weekend during the fishing season without a campground reservation if you want to stay right in town. They were all full when we arrived on a Saturday but seemed to clear out on Sunday.

seaview rv park in hope alaska.

No worries, though. We just stayed in a pull-out a little bit out of town and drove into Hope to explore. There are several pull-outs just outside of town where you can boondock.

our free waterfront spot in a pull-out near hope alaska.

boondocking near hope alaska.

Ours had a water view. And there was even a fire pit set up in a clearing in the trees.

our water view near hope alaska.

Exploring Hope

We took one of the cars and drove into Hope to explore.

It’s a cute little town. Most of the buildings are historic.

historic building in Hope alaska.

cute cottage with a bike out front in hope alaska.

historic cafe in hope alaska.

close up of cafe sign in hope alaska.

They even have some restored cabins you can tour that are set-up with furnishings from the period.

historic hope alaska town sign.

old tractor in hope alaska.

old stove in a cabin in hope alaska.

When we arrived Saturday, people lined the creek salmon fishing, Many of them seemed to leave Sunday, but there were still plenty of folks trying their luck. And there appeared to be little luck involved. We watched people pull fish out every time they threw their hook.

And the views of the mountains were beautiful!

field and mountains in hope alaska.

green mountains in hope alaska.

mountains and creek in hope alaska.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad little side trip, but you might be more inclined to go there if you like to fish. As vegans, we aren’t into that.

Next post: why Seward, Alaska should be on your itinerary!

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