This tunnel to Whittier is single file and cars share with a train

Can you believe we took the RV through this 2 1/2 mile one-way tunnel to Whittier, Alaska? It was crazy and looked like we wouldn’t fit as we approached.

Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel

The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel to Whittier is the longest highway tunnel in North America. Built initially for rail, cars and trains now share the Whittier Tunnel under the mountain. You drive right on top of the tracks!

waiting in line for the whittier tunnel.

Waiting in line to go through the Whittier Tunnel.

Check the schedule online before you go, but when we were there, they let you through into Whittier on the half hour and back out of Whittier on the hour. And, of course, there will be pauses for when the train comes through.

taking an RV through the Whittier tunnel.

It was $38 to go through in our RV pulling our car. A regular passenger vehicle costs $13.

City of Whittier Campground

As you come out of the tunnel, the City of Whittier Campground is on the left right on the water. Pull into your site for beautiful views.

Kevin and Paul enjoying our view at Whittier.

The sites were numbered and had fire pits. There were bathrooms and a dumpster. And there was a beach right next to the campground, but we didn’t check it out.

It’s $20 a night for dry camping. You pay down the road at the harbormaster or one of the self-pay kiosks. And there is cell phone service here!

pay station for city of whittier campground by coast guard station.

A Princess cruise ship came in while we were there. And then it disappeared in the fog!

princess cruise ship in whittier.

princess cruise ship in whittier becoming engulfed in fog.

princess cruise ship in whittier engulfed in fog.

Around Whittier

There’s not much to Whittier.

welcome to whittier harbor sign.

There are a couple of restaurants and shops.

restaurants and shops in whittier alaska.

It looks like the fishing industry is active here.

boats in whittier harbor alaska.

boardwalk along whittier harbor alaska.

fishing boat whittier harbor alaska.

Trains and tour buses bring loads of people to the cruise ships that dock here.

We drove around to see what’s what. There are beautiful waterfalls all around.

creek in whittier alaska.

waterfalls in whittier alaska.

The Bruckner Building

The Bruckner Building was used during the cold war but abandoned by the army in 1966 when they closed the Whittier Army Port. It was the largest building in Alaska and a city under one roof. And the structure was sturdy enough to survive the 1964 earthquake. The building sure looks spooky now, though.

the bruckner building in whittier alaska.

the bruckner building in whittier alaska.

the bruckner building in whittier alaska.

the bruckner building in whittier alaska.

We heard about an excellent trail and went looking for it, but the road to it was closed. So we enjoyed the glacier views instead.

glacier in whittier alaska.

waterfalls on a mountain whittier alaska.

The main attraction for us coming to Whittier was taking the tunnel. So an overnight stay was plenty. If the weather had been less gloomy while we were there, we could see staying a few days to hike and explore more.

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