2 free campsites on Glenn Highway in Alaska

As we made our way from Valdez towards Anchorage, we had no trouble finding free camping on Glenn Highway. And the views we had were fantastic!

Free camping on Glenn Highway in Alaska

Kings River Campground in Chickaloon

Kings River is such a beautiful free campground! It’s not far off the road, and we had no trouble getting our motorhomes in there, but you might want to unhook your tow vehicle before trying to get in a site.

free camping on glenn highway at kings river campground in chickaloon alaska.

We were lucky enough to grab campsites right on the river and spent lots of time staring out the front window and watching salmon wiggle their way up the river. The current is so strong; I don’t know how they do it!

view out of our front windows at kings river campground in chickaloon alaska.

parked on the river at kings river campground in chickaloon alaska.

riverfront site at kings river campground in chickaloon alaska.

ATV trails are all around this campground, so naturally, it is a gathering place for 4-wheelers and dirt bikes. During the week it was peaceful, but as we were starting getting close to the weekend, we began to hear them. Everything online warns you about the ATVs. So don’t be angry when they show up.

We enjoyed having a fire right on the river. You’ll have plenty of space here for all your camping goodies.

campfire at kings river campground in chickaloon alaska.

On the Matanuska River in Palmer

The Matanuska site is more of a parking lot off the road than an actual campground.

matanuska river free camping.

There are campsites along the river but getting down to them would be a little rough in a larger RV. Also, the shore seems to be eroding. We decided not to risk it and stayed up on the pavement. There was a bit of trash on the ground here.

Back into your parking lot site and you’ll have fantastic views of the river and mountains. The parking lot sites don’t have a place for fire rings, but you could go down to the river and have your campfire there.

view from matanuska river free camping.

One of the benefits of being parked so close together is that you have easy access to your neighbor.

close neighbor at matanuska river free camping.

The campground is convenient to Palmer where you’ll find amenities you might have been missing in more remote areas. One feature was Pyrah’s Pioneer Peak Farm, a u-pick farm where we got some potatoes, kale, and broccoli.

We took a walk one afternoon and found exploding wildflowers and a protest barrel.

wildflowers by matanuska river free camping.

protest barrel by matanuska river free camping.

We’re sure this isn’t the only free camping on Glenn Highway but hope it helps you find one you’ll enjoy.

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