Hiking Worthington Glacier near Valdez, Alaska

After passing by it on the way to Valdez, hiking Worthington Glacier on the way out was immediately added to our list. In this video, we tackle that and travel Richardson Highway to Glenn Highway on our way towards Anchorage.

Hiking Worthington Glacier

Hiking Worthington Glacier should be on your todo list if you’re near Valdez, Alaska. Getting that close to a glacier is an incredible experience. And it might be the closest you get without actually hiking on one.

hiking worthington glacier.

There’s plenty of room to park an RV in the lot, even our motorhomes with tow vehicles. Both us and the Motorhome Experiment fit in the lot no problem.

It’s a short hike and not too strenuous. Prepare yourself for a little bit of elevation change. And wear sturdy shoes. There is a bit of loose gravel to navigate. Flip flops probably aren’t appropriate.

As with all glacier hikes, wear layers. It gets chilly up by the glacier. It is a giant block of ice, after all.

You can get pretty close to the glacier, but don’t get too close! Rocks and ice fall off of it all the time. Someone was killed a few weeks before we visited. So keep a safe distance, heed warnings, and respect the glacier!

laura hiking worthington glacier.

All that said, you can take in the glacier just fine from a safe distance. The views here are worth the stop for sure. The glacier is beautiful but so is the surrounding countryside.

waterfall at worthington glacier.

water runoff at worthington glacier.

Wildlife sighting

On our way down the road, we saw a moose in a lake! We always expect to see them by lakes and streams but almost never do. I had to freeze the video so you could see him too.

More travel day beauty

We never get tired of taking in the scenery in Alaska. It’s easy to understand how people fall in love with this place. One day we’d like to see it in the wintertime, but certainly not from an RV.

snowcapped mountains and blooming flowers in alaska.

rv and mountains in a pullout in alaska.

We’re so glad we stopped to hike Worthington Glacier! Don’t miss it if you’re in the area.

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