Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park – our last stay in Florida for a while

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park in Jacksonville was our first RV park after we officially hit the road full-time. We loved it and hated that we only got one night there. So on the way back out of Florida, we decided to stay a few nights more.

By the entrance to the park, we were greeted with this majestic sign.

strip club sign by hanna park.

Right behind that beer truck is an elementary school. #Florida

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

We’re not going to talk about the campground since we covered that in the previous post. This post is going to be more about food than anything else.

Okay, fine. Here’s a little beach. The beach here is expansive with loads of sand.

atlantic beach at hanna park in jacksonville.

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Biking at Hanna Park

We love riding our bikes around Hanna Park. They have a ton of pavement you can ride in addition to the mountain bike trails. Our first visit we had road bikes and stuck to the pavement. This time we had hybrids and couldn’t wait to try the trails.

It turns out; the trails are a little gnarly for our skill level. Nothing terrible happened, but my pedal did get stuck on a root. That brought me to an abrupt stop, and then I fell over. I had a couple of scrapes but nothing serious.

scrapes from mountain biking at hanna park.

If you do plan to try the bike trails, make sure you pay attention to which direction the path is traveling that day. They are single track, and you do not want to meet someone else head on. Especially since other people that aren’t us haul ass. We ended up on some of the difficult trails somehow. Here’s a downloadable trail map [pdf].

A Daytime Owl!

While we were riding bikes around the park one day, we saw something moving on the ground. We stop to look, and it’s a big owl! It looked like maybe he was after a rodent. It’s so weird to see one out in the middle of the day though.

daytime owl at hanna park.

We feel lucky to have seen him this close!

Vegan Food in Jacksonville

Our First Beyond Burgers

So I told you this post was mostly going to be about food. Here we go.

We heard the Whole Foods in Jacksonville had the Beyond Burger, so we put that first on our todo list. They had just recently come out, and we were dying to try them.

our first beyond burgers.

We were not disappointed. These burgers are so tasty! $6 for two is a little pricey for everyday burgers, but we do still buy them occasionally.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, we did a Facebook live video broadcast of us grilling these at our campsite. It’s way longer than it needs to be but still pretty funny. So I went ahead and popped it up on YouTube.

Sweet Theory Baking Co.

sweet theory baking company in jacksonville. florida.

cute decor at sweet theory baking company.

The last time we rolled through Jacksonville, there was no time to check out local vegan eats. This time we made it over to Sweet Theory Baking Co. and went a little crazy. But you’ll see why when you get to the pictures.

When we arrived, there was a long line out the door. Of course, it was a Sunday morning so that’s to be expected. It was also worth the wait.

Sweet Theory is all vegan and also has loads of gluten-free goodies. So, of course, we had to get into the sweet and savory options.

crumb cake at sweet theory

apple pie donut at sweet theory.

everything breakfast biscuit at sweet theory.

black pepper breakfast biscuit at sweet theory.

breakfast biscuit at sweet theory.

breakfast biscuit close up at sweet theory.

take home sweets from sweet theory.

If you plan to go, get there early or they might run out of the best treats. And call first before you make a drive because they don’t update Facebook every time they close according to some reviews by locals.

We enjoyed our second stay at Hanna Park as much as if not more than the first visit. Don’t overlook this park because it’s a city park. Unless you hate the beach. Then maybe it isn’t for you. We’ve now stayed here in late November and early April and enjoyed both times of the year.

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