Northwest River Park – first stop in Virginia

After dry camping for the last couple of weeks, we were happy to finally be free of the generator for a bit at Northwest River Park. (This was way before we installed solar.) And it’s quite a change from the beach!

Northwest River Park Campground

Northwest River Park is a regional park that is part of the city of Chesapeake, Virginia. As we’ve mentioned before, don’t overlook regional and city parks. You can often find some gems.

Sadly, we only stayed at this park for two nights. Half our stay looked like this.

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But when it wasn’t pouring rain, it looked like this.

rv camping at northwest river park campground.

rv camping at northwest river park campground.

The shade under the trees would be lovely during the summer months.

We spent most of our time here running errands. For example, we donated the recliner we hated.

rv recliner stuffed in a subaru.

Eventually, we will have a desk in that space, but first, we have to find one. And we’re still looking a year later.

The park has a few trails of varying lengths, but none crazy long. And you can rent a canoe and take it out on their lake. We didn’t do any of those things, but you certainly could.

RV camping rates are $26/night with electric hook-ups and $21/night without. The campground closes during the winter months.

Vegan Noms at Burrito Perdido

While out running errands, we found a vegan-friendly Mexican restaurant called Burrito Perdido. They carry vegan cheese & sour cream, are mostly organic, and pride themselves on a “no can” policy. The results are delicious!

chips and salsa at burrito perdido.

Burrito Perdido doesn’t have any meat analogs, but you won’t miss them. That log is the giant chimichanga. They aren’t kidding; it’s massive!

giant chimichanga at burrito perdido.

In the bowl under all that guacamole, sour cream, and fresh salsa are some super cheesy nachos. The restaurant carries Daiya as a vegan cheese option.

vegan nachos at burrito perdido.

Don’t let the look of the place from the outside put you off. It shares a building with a gas station. But the food inside is delicious!

outside of burrito perdido.

Sorry we don’t have much to say about this campground. It’s totally not the campground’s fault. We just didn’t explore it at all during our stay.

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