Watson Lake to Whitehorse – exploring Yukon

We filmed the intro for our journey from Watson Lake to Whitehorse in front of the SS Klondike in Whitehorse, Yukon. It’s a riverboat that used to travel the Yukon River. More about it in the next video.

Watson Lake to Whitehorse

The drive from Watson Lake to Whitehorse was rainy and mostly animal free.

rainy drive from watson lake to whitehorse.

Kevin saw a fox, and he managed to grab a quick video. Otherwise, it was all crossing creeks and rivers and looking at snow-capped mountains. Not too bad.

mountains on the way to whitehorse yukon.

Camping at Walmart in Whitehorse

welcome to whitehorse sign.

In Whitehorse, we camped in a Walmart parking lot. Probably overstaying our welcome but we wanted to stay in town until the farmer’s market. Some people are living there.

The Walmart itself is weird. No fresh vegetables or fruits. Right next to the Walmart is a Save On that recently opened. They have everything you could need and have a substantial bulk bin section. They also stock loads of Yves and Daiya products.

And down the block is a Real Canadian Superstore. Also fully stocked with whatever you might need. It has even more ethnic foods. This town is a great place to stock up.

The gas station next to the Walmart in Whitehorse has a dump, water fill, and propane. We’ll hit them up on the way out or maybe slightly before because we’re about out of water.

Oh! And there’s a Canadian Tire right next to the Walmart. It’s been pretty quiet here at night, and we haven’t noticed anything too sketchy.

We covered the Sign Post Forest in the last post where we also talked about Watson Lake Campground.

Next post: Things to do in Whitehorse

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